When Is Soccer Season In High School?

When Is Soccer Season In High School?

High school soccer is every sports student longing for as it offers them an opportunity to enjoy competing amongst peers and putting aside academic activities.

That aside, the opportunity it gives to about 4 million wannabe young soccer players to feature on the pitch, plus the side opportunity for cheerleaders to showcase their calisthenics as their pom sway to the music is another reason to anticipate this game.

Most high school soccer games are commonly known to be held in the US, although other countries and continents have an equivalent or the same kind of sport.

To say that very little goes into the preparation of this game would be a hoax and can only pass for nothing but lies.

It takes the collective effort of the High School Athletic Associations of different states in the US to come up with a schedule and calendar that not only fits in the academic activities but also is suitable for all aspects of high school soccer.

The many months of brainstorming and head-racking account for the well-planned schedule of most high school soccer games.

This article would shed light on the time at which high school soccer game is played as well as other important details concerning this much-anticipated sport.

They include:

  • When is the high school soccer season?
  • What determines a high school season?
  • What is the standard duration for a high school soccer season?

When is the high school soccer season?

Most high school soccer season usually begins in autumn, that is it often starts in the late part of August and the early part of September.

Different high schools tend to set their date in the order that they deem fit for their calendar and how the school’s schedule runs, regardless it usually starts within the month stated.

There are other seasons that begin in the later part of the month, like the winter high school summer season, which begins between April to June, and the summer season in November and ends in March.

However, in most cases a high school soccer season begins in early September and runs till the last week in November, which is about 3 months.

What determines the date of the high school soccer season?

Many factors determine a high school season and could include the weather condition, The culture of the community, the popularity of the sport, and the availability of sports equipment.

We’d break them into bits:

The weather goes a long way in the commencement of a high school soccer season as some schools in the west tend to have temperatures that could hit freezing minus zero degrees during winter. Hence no high school athletic association would want to ignore the very fact about the weather.

Not every place in the US sees football as a big deal, and sometimes even the Major Soccer League doesn’t get to freak such an audience out.

Some states in the US would prefer football (rugby) to Soccer, and if this is the case, high school soccer might be replaced with football, the reason why this also has to be placed as a determining factor that could influence a high school soccer game.

The culture of any community could as well the high school decision when it comes to organising soccer games and starting a season.

If a state or a county has a national day, it would only be proper that the organizers postpone or backtrack in starting a season at that time.

The availability of sports equipment goes a long way into factoring in a high school season as this would come in handy to facilitate the league in terms of logistics fans’ capacity.

A school with an abundance of gear and sports kits would find it easier to organise a soccer season than one struggling to meet up with safety standards and impoverished facilities.

What happens when a player gets injured or when a match is fully booked, and fans can’t find a place to sit?

Factors like this go a long way as well.

What is the standard duration of a high school soccer season?

Most high schools’ Soccer season follows the schedule of a normal school session and tries to maintain such to avoid altering the school’s schedule and other curricular activities.

A standard length for a high school soccer season usually lasts for 4 months if it starts earlier or 3 months if the season commenced late.

Although, most school seasons tend to have shorter lengths than what has been stated due to some factors mentioned earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What time does the high school soccer game occur?
  • Is the high school soccer season the same as the MLS?

What time does the high school soccer game occur?

Most high school soccer tend to the player in three sessions as with what the school proposes, and the American high school soccer season tends to occur within:

The Autumn (Autumn high school soccer) 

This usually commences in the late part of August/early September and normally ends in November.

The Winter (Winter high school soccer)

Starts in the early part of November and ends in February.

The Spring (Spring high school soccer)

Begins in March and sometimes needs in May or June.

Is the high school soccer season the same as the MLS?

The MLS is a top professional league and attracts top players and fans from the US and Canada. Thus, comparing it to the high school soccer game is like placing a grasshopper and a hawk in a size competition.

Aside from the fact that the MLS attracts recognition from top influencers and the media, most MLS players get paid for their job. While high school soccer, on the other hand, is somewhat of an extracurricular activity that aims to showcase the teeming football talent ready to take over the MLS League.

One advantage the High school soccer has, though, is that most of its equipment is institution owned (belongs to the school), and while the MLS uses most high school venues and commercial centers, high school soccer takes pride in using her, which is not only saves cost but soccer practice.


Regardless of the popularity of most MLS games and the publicity they get, the thrill from locals and high school wannabes outshine that and hence make wanting to partake in the high school soccer game either as a player, sidekick, or spectator one to be longed for.


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