Football or soccer, the beautiful game, the sport that is watched and played by billions. It is also a sport that has been written on by millions and read by billions. I am one of the millions that write about that beautiful sport and this is my very first post on this amazing football blog.


Who am I? 

My name is Nwokolo Collins Micheal. I’m a passionate blogger, a health enthusiast and a remarkable writer. I own a health and fitness blog, You Must Get Healthy, were I write helpful articles. But I’m also a soccer freak. I love football, I love talking about it, I love reading about it, I love watching it, playing it, and I can’t help but to write great articles about it.


Why am I blogging about soccer?

Soccer is a sport that is popular worldwide. The impact that football has on humans is tremendous, The rules are simple, the players are legendary, the game is exhilarating, the passion is undeniably insane and the fans are crazy. I want to use my incredible talent of writing for my soccer passion. And blogging is the best way to express that passion.


What will I be blogging about?

In this blog, I won’t be post football or transfer news, there are so many sites that do that very well. So what will I blog about. Something much more than latest information about football players and teams. I will be writing fun articles about soccer, teams, matches and players. Awesome football facts, match reviews, and detailed editorials will be written here. Expect really great articles that will further stimulate your passion for football. My articles will cover top teams and players in the premier league, La liga, bundesliga, serie A, UEFA champions league, Europa league and the Nigerian professional football league. As well as articles on International competitions and national teams.


Who am I writing for?

My audience is all soccer fans all over the world. Fellow soccer bloggers, journalists, coaches and even the footballers themselves. 😉


How can my audience get involved?

Giving my readers quality content is my priority, and getting them to interact with me is of upmost necessity. So please feel free to share your views by commenting freely on the blog and interacting with us on social media. We will also have a guest post page, where you can send in your guest articles, because who doesn’t love to discuss soccer. Your opinion, my opinion is what will keep this blog going.
Everyone is also free to contact me if they have any complaints, feedback or suggestions, I will definitely reply.


What goals do I hope to achieve on this blog?

My main goal with this blog is to create a soccer blog that provides top notch, fun and awesome articles for soccer fans worldwide. I want a blog that my readers will visit everyday and keep reading the old contents like it was written an hour ago. With time who knows? it could turn into a big online footballing community. Thank you so much for reading my first post. So with a big smile and arching fingers on my keyboard, I say:

Welcome to Top Soccer Blog!


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