5 Things To Do Before Soccer Tryouts

Things To Do Before Soccer Tryouts

Many an aspiring footballer has had to go over many hurdles trying to establish a career. Some haven’t had the good fortune of being groomed and discovered by various football clubs. A lot of players have had to put their foot through the door by attending various trials. Sometimes, having to travel far and wide to various tryouts, whether organized by club or country. All this just for a chance to showcase their abilities and grab the attention of scouts and coaches. Attending tryouts are an important step to fulfilling one’s soccer dreams. However, it’s important to prepare adequately before attending any trial.

Here are a few tips to note before going to a soccer tryout.

1. Train

This is a no-brainer. Before any player decides to participate in any soccer trial, he should have ensured he has trained well enough. Apart from general gym work that will boost physical fitness, it’s also important that the player is training regularly. This is to ensure he’s match fit and sharp. The player should also regularly practice his football skills so that he would be able to impress his assessors on the day of the trial. If you are trying out to be a striker, you need to train hard to become a good soccer striker.

2. Diet

A player embarking on a tryout should also be mindful of what he eats. It would not be a good look for a player to show up to a trial overweight as this can cause sluggishness and potential injury.

Things To Do Before Soccer Tryouts

3. Finances 

It’s also important for any player intending on participating in any trial to make adequate arrangements to fund this venture. Sometimes the country or city where the tryouts are being organized could be far from your abode. It will be important to make personal arrangements to cover your feeding, accommodation, and transport to the trial venues. Sometimes you could be asked to drop a certain amount to attend a tryout, but it’s not so in a lot of cases. Try to ensure you make all these arrangements because it’s unlikely the organizers of the trials will cover your expenses.

4. Adequate Kits/Equipment 

When going to the trial ensure you go with your soccer kit e.g. Boots, vests, Jerseys and shorts, shin guards, socks, etc. These items will help you perform at your optimum and prevent you from getting any unnecessary injury during the trials. You can check out our ultimate soccer equipment list for training and soccer practice.

5. Do Your Research 

This is a very important step that you have to take before you decide to attend a trial. You should know who is organizing the tryouts you want to attend and if they are trustworthy. Unfortunately, a lot of unscrupulous elements have defrauded many a young footballer promising to take them to nonexistent trials. It is important to learn about the language, weather and environment of the venue of the trial especially if it is in another country. Reading up on the coaches and club where you are going for the tryout will also help you prepare adequately to give you an edge on the day.

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