How To Stand Out In Soccer Tryouts 

How To Stand Out In Soccer Tryouts 

Tryouts are a unique opportunity for any aspiring footballer to break into the world of professional football. Due to the limited number of spaces that may be available to young soccer players during trials, it’s important for them to impress their would-be assessors. Like they say, first impressions matter a lot, so here are a few tips youngsters can follow to get ahead of the competition.

1. Talent or Skill

It’s a given that if you want to grab the attention of any coach during tryouts you have to possess outstanding talent and skill. Make sure you practice often enough to perfect your soccer abilities so that on the day of the trials you will woo scouts and coaches alike with your amazing technique and ball play. Due to the fact that coaches don’t have much time to waste they are always on the lookout for extraordinary displays so make sure you stand out in that regard.

2. Fitness or Workrate

Another important trait you should have during trials is a good work rate. Coaches like players who work very hard and don’t easily gas out for the full 90 minutes. This means you should ensure you are physically fit with a nice trim, strong body that will enable you to run long and short distances without stress. Even if you don’t possess great skills wonderful work rate will always be appreciated by the tryout assessors.

How To Stand Out In Soccer Tryouts 

3. Attitude

Your attitude, whether positive or negative, could be the difference between having a successful trial or not. Coaches tend to pay attention to how a player behaves. Is he friendly? How does relate with his teammates? Are you a team player? These questions and others are what onlookers will do in judging how suitable you are for their team. You might have great talent and have the work rate of a car engine, but if your attitude is terrible assessors will more often than not leave you out so you won’t affect or be a bad example to other players in the group.

4. Intelligence

Your innate football IQ is another thing that can stand you out from the rest. Do you know how to frequently beat your marker? Are you creative on the ball? Do you quickly assimilate and carry the coach’s instructions? Do you know when to take initiative? These are some attributes that will put you in good stead during the tryouts.

5. Appearance

As much as possible, try to make sure you appear presentable on the day of your trials. A clean pair of soccer jerseys plus soccer boots won’t do you any harm. Try to also look well-groomed with a nice haircut, a shave where necessary, and an overall clean look. Unfortunately, some very talented players have been denied opportunities just because they didn’t look the part, so be sure to avoid this by always looking neat on the day you are going for tryouts.


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