What Do Soccer Varsity Coaches Look For In Players 

What Soccer Varsity Coaches Look Out For In Players 

Soccer competitions in universities are played at a semi-professional level, with players mixing their pursuit in sports with academic achievements.

Many varsity soccer coaches are always looking to pick players who can help their team succeed whenever university league or inter-school tournaments hold. Today we will examine the traits that varsity soccer coaches look for in players.

Skill and technical ability 

Obviously, this is the number one thing any varsity soccer coach will look for in a player. A coach who selects a high number of technically gifted and talented players in his team has a greater chance of winning a match or competition because of his player’s superior skill set. A varsity coach will also look for players who are tactically smart and able to carry out his instructions to the letter.

Physically fit

A varsity coach also looks for players who are physically fit and strong. Players that are physically well built and able to run the full length of the pitch without getting easily tired. The coach will want such players to be hard working able to run all over the pitch for the full 90 minutes without gassing out.

They also look for players who are strong enough to withstand physical challenges from opponents and able to operate under pressure.

What Soccer Varsity Coaches Look Out For In Players 


A player’s behavior is something that is also closely monitored by a varsity coach. Is the individual a team player? Does he have a short fuse? Is he friendly and nice to his teammates? Is he disciplined? Is he honest and full of integrity? Can he maintain his physical fitness without much supervision? How does he react under pressure or to adversity? These and more questions are answers that varsity coaches will be looking for when assessing the suitability of a player for their team.

Furthermore, varsity soccer coaches like players who are willing to make sacrifices for the team.

Educational Abilities

A player’s academic performance is something that is closely scrutinized, especially in an educational setting like a university.

In fact, some universities have standing rules that unless a player meets a minimum grade for the course he’s studying during the semester, he won’t be selected to participate or represent the school in any official sporting event.

Coaches also look out for the football intelligence of a player on the field. Does he make the right runs? Can he create space for himself? Is he a sharp thinker who can anticipate and take advantage of an opponent’s weaknesses? These and more are what varsity coaches consider when selecting players.


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