How To Impress At Soccer Tryouts 

How To Impress At Soccer Tryouts 

A soccer tryout is an avenue used especially by coaches to recruit and introduce players to their team. This method is more often used to discover unknown talented players who couldn’t go through other ways of joining a team for one reason or the other.

Some national team coaches use this method when they want to assemble a new team. Tryouts might involve drills, exercises, and physical workouts, but most times, it’s usually short training matches that are used to pick out gifted players who will be retained to continue with the squad.

If, as a young player, you want to impress a coach or scout at a tryout, here are some tips you should follow.


It’s important for you to show up to your tryout way ahead of time. This shows that you are disciplined and organized enough to keep timing schedules. Arriving early for your tryouts also gives you time to assess your environment and the coaches who will be observing you.


It’s imperative that you arrive for your tryout looking well groomed and clean. Sometimes coaches have been put off examining a player just because they look unkept even though they may be talented.

Your appearance is one of the first things that will attract a coach or scout. If you don’t look presentable, that could potentially spoil your chances.

Soccer Ability 

This obviously is the most important tip to adhere to. It’s your talent and skills on the ball that will stand you out from other participants. Make sure you practice and horn your skills often to keep you sharp and ready on the day of the tryout.

Physical Fitness & Hardwork

No matter how skillful you are, if you don’t back it up with hardwork, you won’t go far. Ensure you go to the gym and exercise regularly to keep your body in tip-top shape so that you can perform optimally on the pitch.

Sometimes coaches usually prefer hardworking players to skillful ones because they can last the duration of a match. Football is a physically demanding sport, and you will have to be at your best energy and strength-wise to be able to perform well.


A good disposition is everything for an up-and-coming player. If your attitude is terrible towards your coaches and teammates, it could spell doom for your career. It doesn’t matter how good you look or how talented or hardworking you are if you have a poor attitude, coaches will be unlikely to pick you, while teammates would probably be unwilling to play alongside you because football is all about teamwork and trust.

These are a few notable tips that will make you shine at your tryouts.


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