Have you ever racked your brains on soccer gifts to get for a soccer player? Well, getting presents is not exactly easy, but there are some things they always love having. Footballers also deserve some special presents from time to time, so here are 10 great gifts you can give to soccer players.

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1. Glow in the dark ball

This is pretty self-explanatory. This is a special soccer ball fitted with LED lights that glow when hit or kicked. This is great for the middle of the night kick arounds with friends and family. You should buy a water-resistant glow in the dark soccer ball.

2. Soccer bath salts

After a physically exerting game, there’s nothing a footballer likes more than a relaxing bath. Special soccer-shaped bathing salts can make that experience that more enjoyable. These bath salts are usually added to bathwater to make it soothing and relaxing to the player’s skin.

3. Statue of figurine

Statues or figurines are sentimental gifts to make a player feel extra-special. These sculptures could be the likeness of the football or someone he admires.

4. Video game

Most soccer players are ardent gamers who can spend hours on end playing football-based games like FIFA 22. Latest game releases or limited editions are definitely cool gifts most footballers would appreciate.

5. Jersey

Some players are also keen collectors of jerseys, especially those belonging to former soccer stars. Signed jerseys belonging to greats like Zidane, Pele, or the late Diego Maradona are definitely must-haves for any soccer player. You can read up on how to buy authentic soccer jerseys. Furthermore, you can check out the best jerseys of the 2021/22 football season.

6. Novelty coffee or Tea mugs

These unique mugs come in various designs mimicking football-themed shapes. These are simple, but amusing gifts a footballer would appreciate.

7. Portable goal net

This item ensures that you would be able to literally shift the goalpost anywhere. Good for setting up an impromptu kick about the portable goal net can be used almost anywhere, whether indoors or outside. It is always an amazing gift for any soccer player.

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8. Agility exercise kit

Staying fit, especially off-season, is difficult for a lot of footballers to sustain. The agility exercise kit contains training items and manuals that will help players maintain their fitness regime and stay physically fit even during their downtimes.

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9. Bracelets, jewelries or accessories

A lot of soccer stars love wearing bracelets or other fashion accessories like diamond-studded earrings, neck chains, and headbands. It is definitely one to add to the shopping list. If you have a daughter who loves or plays soccer, this soccer necklace will make the perfect gift for her.

10. Football related books, biographies, DVDs

A nice football biography or an interesting football documentary are also great items to give footballers as presents.

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