What Are The Football Skills That Are Easy To Learn?

Football skills that are easy to learn

The game of soccer is one of the easiest and most participatory sports in the world. Anyone can play the beautiful game whether young or old, big or small, rich or poor as long as you are interested in playing. The beauty of soccer is that you don’t need to have professional-level skills before you can jump into the fray. It’s important, however, to know that despite being an amateur there are some simple football skills you can learn without stress. Here some easy football tricks you can learn ahead of the next friendly kick about with your family and friends.

1. Single Lunge

Step lunge football skills that are easy to learn

This is a movement of the body meant to confuse your maker as you attempt to dribble. This skill involves you moving your body to the left or right and quickly switching to the opposite direction with the ball. This is meant to deceive the defender into going towards a direction leaving the opposite space free to exploit.

2. Step Over

Step over football skills

This is one of the most common tricks in the game. This involves you moving with the ball. During this motion, you rapidly step over the ball as it is in motion with your right and left leg before suddenly moving with the ball in your preferred direction. This is meant to confuse your maker into opening up space for you to exploit.

3. Cruyff Turn

This is a very cool dribbling skill named after the Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff. This can be done with either leg that you are comfortable with. It involves you doing a sharp turn with the ball when your maker is close to you. You take the ball with your left or right leg behind your other leg and tap it in the opposite direction you are facing to create space for a shooting opportunity or channel to run into. This move requires agility, speed, and sharp movement.

4. Inside Rollover

This is a very simple move to execute. Using either your left or right leg you use the inside facing part of your foot to move or roll over the ball as you are in motion. This move helps you keep possession of the ball under pressure from your maker.

5. Roulette

This skill is a beauty to behold when executed rightly. France legend Zinedine Zidane was famous for use that particular move. This trick involves moving towards your maker with the ball. Then suddenly in a fluid movement, you turn your body over the ball with one of your feet on the top of the ball shifting it to your other foot to continue your journey with the ball in another direction. When done at a full pace it has the ability to completely eliminate your maker.

6. Matthew’s Cut

This is another basic move named after English legend Sir Stanley Matthews. This move involves using the inside of either foot to lightly tap the ball to one side before suddenly using the outside of the same foot to push the ball in the opposite direction. This move is usually done to gain space over your maker.

7. Ronaldo Chop

This move was popularized by Cristiano Ronaldo. It is similar to the Cruyff turn but without the turn and it’s usually done at pace. You move quickly with the ball and suddenly use either foot to tap the ball behind the other leg in another direction. This move is effective in confusing your maker and creating space for you.

Football skills that are easy to learn

Honorable Mentions;

  • Rabona
  • Elastico
  • Round the world
  • La Croqueta
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