Top 5 Countries That Disappointed Us At The World Cup

Germany Sad at 2018 World Cup

Germany Sad at 2018 World Cup
After the last round of group stage matches, sixteen out of the thirty-two teams have left the tournament. Out of those sixteen teams are some of the teams that we all expected to perform excellently. However, we all were left utterly disappointed by how these teams who were supposed to be favorites crashed out.

Well, who are these teams? Who are the worst teams that disappointed us at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia?

Top 5 Most Disappointing Teams At The 2018 FIFA World Cup

5. Senegal

Senegal is one of the most formidable football teams in Africa. They boast of some star players from the English Premier League. Notwithstanding, they disappointed us by their mediocre performance at the World Cup. Although Senegal started well with a resounding victory over Poland, they let their lead slip in the game against Japan and lost narrowly against Colombia.

They really performed below the expectations of so many football fans especially after winning against Poland.

4. Serbia

Serbia was drawn into a group where they had a good shot at qualifying. They boasted of several to players like Nemanja Matić, Mitrović, Tadić, Kolarov, and Ivanovic yet they failed to perform well.

A win over Costa Rica gave them three points. But they went on to lose the two remaining matches. Serbia will definitely regret this missed opportunity at the World Cup.

3. Morocco

The Moroccans were placed in a group where they had a difficult chance at qualifying. But they had a favorable fixture. Losing to Iran in their first match was so shocking considering the caliber of players they had.

Morocco went forward to lose to Portugal and got a draw with Spain.

2. Egypt

Egypt is a country who came into the World Cup with many expectations. Egypt proved to be a big disappointment when they lost to both Uruguay and Russia.
The biggest disappointment, of course, came when they lost horrendously to Saudi Arabia in their last group game.
With their star player, Mohammed Salah half fit the team looked lackluster and underperformed.

1. Germany

The team who tops our list of teams who disappointed us at the World Cup is none other than Germany. The defending champions were highly expected not just to top their group, but to win the tournament. But guess what? They crashed out, and came last in their group!

A shocking loss to Mexico continued the tradition where every World Cup holder has lost their first game since 2002. However, many still expected Germany to qualify especially after winning Sweden. A huge and unexpected loss to South Korea saw them exit the tournament in a very humiliating fashion.

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