5 Popular Football Clubs That Merged

Celta Vigo

Various clubs around the world have different ways they started. Some started out as small provincial sides that grew in popularity and stature as the years passed. Others started out as a single club before mergers, acquisitions, or change of location transformed them to the current club they are now. Today we look at some popular football clubs around the world that were established as a result of mergers between 2 or more clubs.

1. Paris Saint Germain

PSG team

Top-flight French club Paris Saint Germain was established in 1970 following the merger of club side Paris FC and Stade Saint Germain. However, the merger only lasted two years as Paris FC decided to go their separate ways in 1972. It seems this separation would disproportionately affect the fortunes of both clubs, with PSG going on to become a dominant force of French football and Paris FC ending up in the lower tiers of the French football league.

2. AS Roma

AS Roma

Italian club side AS Roma was established in 1927, following the merger of 3 clubs, namely Roman FC, SS Alba-Audace, and Fortitudo Pro-Roma SGS. Since its establishment, Roma has gone on to be one of the best sides in Italy, winning several league titles and cups. The Serie A team is based in the Italian capital city Rome.

3. Celta de Vigo

Celta Vigo

Spanish La Liga side Celta Vigo was founded in 1923 following the merger of two clubs Real Vigo Sporting and Real Club Fortuna de Vigo. Celta Vigo has played in the Spanish top flight for many years and has established themselves as one of the most well-known teams in Spain. Los Celestes are based in the Spanish city called Vigo. They have won the Spanish Segunda División 3 times.

4. Hamburger SV

Football clubs that merged

Germany Bundesliga side Hamburger SV was created as a result of successive mergers. The most notable of these occurred in 1919, when three clubs SC Germania Hamburg, Hamburger FC, and FC Falke Eppendorf, merged together. Until 2018, Die Rothosen had the record of being the team that played the longest time continuously in the top tier of the German football league system. Hamburg has remained in Bundesliga 2 since their relegation in 2018. They won the League and European Cup in the 1982/83 season.

5. Newcastle United

Newcastle United 2021

English Premier League club, Newcastle United was established in 1892 following the merger of club sides Newcastle West End and Newcastle East End. The Magpies have a proud history of being one of the mainstays of English top-flight football, having spent 88 seasons at the top tier of English Football. Newcastle has won the Premier League 4 times, and the FA Cup six times.


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