FIFA World Cup referees salary
Have you ever wondered, how much are the referees at the 2018 FIFA World Cup paid? The FIFA World Cup is, without a doubt, the biggest football competition on the planet. Evidently, the FIFA World Cup is going to generate billions of dollars. Players, coaches, managers, and others will get a part of it. What about the football referees?

It will be great to find out how much they are paid. Referees make us enjoy the game better and makes sure all the rules are followed accordingly. Hence, let us find out how much the FIFA World Cup referees salary is.

Earlier in 2018, FIFA released a list of referees that would be officiating games at the FIFA World Cup. They were some of the best football referees in the world. The referees included top referees listed in FIFA and their assistants. The total number of referees listed were a total of 36 referees and 63 assistant referees from across the World for the great soccer showpiece.

The referees were selected from the AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, and CONMEBOL confederations. Each confederation was tasked to provide at least six referees. UEFA sent a total of 10 officials which is more than any other confederation, while the OFC sent just two referees, which is the lowest.

During the FIFA World Cup in 2014, FIFA licensed referees were paid reported paid $50,000 with some extra cash as a match fee and the assistant referees reportedly paid lesser.

referees 2018 salaries

How Much Are The Referees At The 2018 FIFA World Cup Paid?

The referees at the FIFA World Cup in 2018 will be paid $70,000, plus an additional match fee of $3,000 per game.
The assistant referees will be paid $25,000, plus an additional match fee if $2,000 per game. [via]

This year’s football tournament featured some of the best FIFA referees like Bakary Papa Gassama, Mark Geiger, Bjorn Kuipers, Felix Brych and many others.


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