Top 10 Best Football Jerseys Of The 2021/22 Season

Inter Milan home kit 2021/22

Football fans across the world look forward to the new season not just because of the return of action on the pitch of play but also for the jerseys their teams will be kitted in.

The game has evolved as a form of recreation and entertainment, and clubs have transformed jersey designs and production from just a means of identification, to a means of fashion and a mode of passing messages to fans.

Every season, kit manufacturers put energy and time into the creative designs for jerseys and while some are outright poor, the majority are just basic, while some are a piece of well-worked genius.

What makes a jersey beautiful and unique is different in terms of perspective, some jerseys remain iconic based on the success recorded with them.

Nevertheless, some stand out on the basis of design and colour combination, and for the 2021/2022 season, here are the top ten most beautiful football jerseys. Remember you can order any of these jerseys on Goal Jerseys.


Ajax Third Kit 2021/22 Best Football Jerseys Of The 2021/22

Dutch Eredivisie defending champions Ajax saved the best of the summer’s jersey designs for the last with a design that pays tribute to Bob Marley’s 1980 single, “Three Little Birds”.

The jersey is black while Adidas’ three stripes on the shoulder and the arm sleeves are in red, green, and gold Rastafari colors. 

However, the Ajax badge and Adidas logo are deep red while the jersey has a V-shaped neck instead of the usual round neck or collar alternative.

The black shorts and black socks also spot the three stripes in the Rastafari colours.

Unfortunately, Europe’s football governing body UEFA has restricted Ajax from wearing the jersey for their UEFA Champions League matches. 


Liverpool Away Kit 2021/22

Nike has always been known for simplicity in its designs and the design for Liverpool’s away jersey for the 2021/2021 season packs simplicity and class together in one piece of clothing. 

Instead of the usual round neck, the jersey, which has a cream-colored base, has a three-colored collar that has a red tip, followed by a layer of white and the upper part with a deep green color.

The deep green that dominates the collar also tapes the arm sleeves, while the Nike logo and Liverpool badge are in red, which stands out on the shirt.

With a design inspired by Liverpool’s 1996/1997 away shirt, this jersey can fit on a time out with friends, especially to Liverpool’s Waterfront where the “Three Graces” buildings, which provided the inspiration for the cream color on the base, are located. You can buy the home jersey on Amazon.


Inter Milan home kit 2021/22

Inter Milan won the Serie A title last season and they come wrapped in a unique look to their previous jersey designs. 

The Nerazzurri has kept their stripes but with a very different pattern. First, the stripes are not in bold bars, and there aren’t white stripes either.

The new Jersey has snakeskin-like stripes in light and deep blue colors, while the neck and sleeve cuffs are taped black.

Nike’s swoosh and Inter Milan’s badge are in gold colors. You can wear me a pair of black trousers for this stylish top that can pass for a designer. You can get the jerseys in different sizes online on Goal Jerseys.


 ATLETICO MINIERO Home Kit 2021/22

A first look at the Atletico Miniero Away jersey for the 2021/2022 season looks like a piece of a fan design, and, it is actually a fan design to commemorate the club’s 113th year.

Lucas Adriano, one of the club’s fans who participated in the design contest, won the contest.

However, the cream/light yellow base with a V-shaped neck isn’t the spectacular thing about this jersey. It is actually the big Minas Gerais map spread across the shirt.

There is an Orange-Green-White detail on the collar and sleeve cuffs. A similar design is the Hibernian home shirt that has a map on its green dominated shirt.


Athletico Madrid Away kit 2021/22 Best Football Jerseys Of The 2021/22

It’s a tough decision choosing between  Atletico Madrid’s home and away shirt for the 2021/2022 season.

However, the away jersey stands out with a combination of Navy blue and pink on an overlapping V neck detail.

The base is dominated by navy blue, while the bottom part of the jersey has brushed details of pink.

Atletico Madrid’s badge and Nike’s logo are also printed in pink color. You can purchase the Atlético Madrid Away Jersey and Shorts on Goal Jerseys.


Arsenal Third Kit 2021/22

The North London club already has a beautiful home red jersey, and yellow away shirt,  which are superb, but neither comes close to the third design.

Adidas comes with a lightning theme all over with deep blue, pale blue, and red features.

The Adidas logo is printed in red, while the name is written under in white, with the three stripes on the shoulder coated in white too.  You can order for the jersey on Amazon.


Man City Away Kit 2021/22 season

Puma beats the simplicity game with this pure and clean white away jersey with a blue-purple print for the sponsor’s name, Puma logo, and City’s badge.

The kit manufacturing company says the design is inspired to address water scarcity in parts of the world. The Manchester City away jersey is available on Amazon.


VENEZIA home kit 2021/22

Venezia gets promoted to the Serie A for the first time in twenty years, and they come up with one of Serie A’s best jerseys in that duration. 

The black shirt is detailed in gold for the club badge and kappa logo, while gold dots formed V in the center of the shirt.

There is Venezia’s tricolor orange, black and green on the chest of the shirt. The home shirt is fancy for lovers of heavily detailed jerseys.


Club America Home Kit 2021/22

Club America does know how to satisfy its fan base with fantastic jersey designs every season.

This time, a yellow shirt with deep blue sleeves is what they have gone with while there is a colourful V design on the chest region. 

The blue away shirt is also eye-catching with yellow details and a V design at the base of the shirt.


Barcelona Away Kit 2021/22

Classic Nike design on this one but with a surreal colour combination of lush purple and an iridescent badge.

The jersey even beats Barcelona’s 2021/2022 home kit design with its simplicity, and it finds its way into the top ten most beautiful football jerseys of 2021. FC Barcelona also unveiled a beautiful kit for the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League season.


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