The 5 Best Exercises For Soccer Goalies 

Best Exercises For Soccer Goalies 

The position of a goalkeeper is one of the most important roles in a football team. Becoming a great shot-stopper requires a great deal of dedication, discipline, and skill. Aspiring goalkeepers all over the world have had to put in a tremendous amount of work in horning their craft. Listed below a few exercises that should set you well on your way to becoming the next Manuel Neuer or Allison Becker.

1. The Cossack Squat

This is a variation of the standard squat. This exercise is meant to strengthen your hips which helps boosts your mobility, flexibility, and agility in making dives and reaction saves. This exercise would require you to stand with your two legs apart, then squatting, alternating between your left and right leg. As you squat, one leg will stretch out while the other bends repeating this action over and over from left to right while maintaining an upright body.

2. Box Jump 

This exercise helps to improve your explosiveness and height of your jumps. This would place you in a match situation where you have to leap to catch a ball or make an acrobatic save. It’s important when doing this exercise to be careful how you land on your feet so that your knees or joints won’t be damaged. Jumping with extra weights like dumbbells will help increase your strength and durability while increasing the elevation of your leaps.

3. Band Bench Press

Similar to the standard bench press but with added difficulty. This exercise involves lying on your back over an elevated bench or table with your legs bent and resting on the ground. You then try a lift a weight of your desired size straight above your chest. In a band bench press, a stretchy rubber band is tied to the weight you intend to lift to add further resistance. This exercise helps build strength in your arm necessary for punching and parring balls. It also helps give you the explosiveness needed to deal quickly with dangerous balls.

4. Weighted Crawling 

This is an exercise meant to build reflex strength and improves coordination. This involves dragging along a weight while on all fours.

5. Tennis ball handling

This helps to improve eye and hand coordination, especially when having to make reflex saves or catches. It helps to improve ball grip in the arms. This exercise involves having a tennis ball or similarly sized ball throw at you quickly and randomly either to your left or right hand.

Best Exercises For Soccer Goalies 

These, among so many other exercises will make you a top goalkeeper in no short time.

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