10 Countries With The Most Football Fans

Germany countries with the most football fans
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Undoubtedly, football, or soccer, commands the highest popularity among all sports in the world, with an estimated 4 billion fans actively playing and watching the game across all ages, genders, and nationalities.

The game is widely followed in every nook and cranny of this planet. Its popularity is in no doubt with larger groups of people than ever before playing and following the beautiful game.

Fans are considered the life blood of this game called soccer with many supporters spread across the globe. While every country has its distinct football culture, there are certain nations that exhibit a remarkable passion for the sport.

In this post, you will find out the countries harboring the most followers of this our dear game. Here are the countries with the most football fans.

1. China 

Liverpool Clubs With The Most Fans In Asia

This Asian economic powerhouse is the country with the largest population in the world. China is said to have over 1.4 billion inhabitants.

Out of this number, approximately 450 million people are avid football fans. This is according to a study by Nielsen Sport, which found out that 32% of China’s population are football fans, making them the highest in the world.

Football’s origins can be traced 2000 years back to this great Asian country and today has continued to enjoy huge followership.

The Chinese domestic Super League is a huge money-spinner that attracts some of the best players globally to cater to their fans’ football needs. Football in China has rapidly grown in popularity and success.

2. India

India Countries With The Most Football Fans

This ancient land boasts the second-highest population in the world. Most of its over 1.4 billion people are crazy about cricket, but a good chunk of the populace are also soccer fans.

About 335 million fans are said to follow football in India. India also has a vibrant league called the Indian Super League.

Many top foreign players have played in the Indian Super League, because of its fanbase.

3. Brazil 

Brazil Countries With The Most Football Fans

Football is considered more like a religion than a sport in this South American nation.

It has been reported that about 80% (171 million) of their over 214 million people follow the game, which is no surprise considering the plethora of fans that support the Brazilian national team and various club sides spread across the country.

Brazil also has about 2.1 million registered football players, making them one of the countries with the most football players and also 29,208 football clubs in the country.

4. Mexico 

This Latin American country is home to some of the most passionate fans you can find in the world.

Football is a national sport, and is thought that about 91 million of its 126 million population are fans of the beautiful game.

Interestingly, Mexico are one of the countries with the most football trophies, with 12 total trophies.

5. Russia 

This powerful federation has some of the most active football fans you can think of. About 50% (73 million) of its approximately 146 million people are said to follow the game in one way or the other.

5. Thailand 

It’s a bit of a surprise,. but studies have reported that almost 80% (57 million) of the 71.7 million population are big soccer fans. This might be because of the English Premier League is very popular in this ancient Southeast Asian nation.

7. Germany

Germany countries with the most football fans
(Photo by Andrew Wiseman / DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

This football powerhouse and 4-time World Cup is thought to have over 50 million soccer fans, which a significant percentage out of the over 83 million people in the country.

Germany are a strong footballing nation, and have won the World Cup, both men and women’s World Cup, I should add.

8. United Kingdom 

England Countries With The Most Football Fans

Comprising fans from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the UK has both a large and passionate fan base. There are over 41 million supporters in the land, roughly 62% of the whole country.

9. Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the best football countries in Africa. They have achieved and broken a lot of records in football too.

The most populated African country is a football-crazy nation, with over 40 million of the populace who are fans of gootb

10. South Africa 

The former World Cup hosts have a very dominant and vibrant football culture despite the presence of other games like Cricket and Rugby. It has been estimated that about 67% of their over 60 million people are huge fans of soccer.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Turkey 
  • United Arab Emirates
  • France
  • United States of America 
  • South Korea 
  • Japan.
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