Every soccer fan worth his salt would have one time in his life have bought a football jersey. It’s normal for a supporter to buy a jersey to show his allegiance and loyalty to his favorite soccer team. Buying a jersey varies from place to place, depending on the team you support and how expensive the jersey might be. If you’re interested in purchasing an authentic football jersey, these avenues might give you options to consider.

Club store/shop

This is one of the most common places where fans buy their jerseys. Various clubs around the world have their own club stores where fans come to purchase jerseys and other club merchandise. This is usually in partnership with the kit manufacturer of the club who supplies them the jersey based on demand. These stores are usually located at the home stadium where the club plays or the club’s headquarters. Popular global clubs like Real Madrid CF, Manchester United FC, FC Bayern Munich, etc. operate these kinds of stores to cater to their supporters.

Retail stores

These are trusted and accredited shops that have special permission to sell various teams’ jerseys. They may not necessarily be located in the same city or country as the club whose jerseys they are selling. Sometimes the kit manufacturers themselves like Adidas, Nike, and Puma operate such stores selling only the kits of the teams they have deals with. Others operating sporting goods stores may also sell some of these jerseys based on demand and private agreement with a kit manufacturer.

How To Buy An Authentic Soccer Jersey
How To Buy An Authentic Soccer Jersey

Online Purchase

As they say, the world is a global village with fans of various clubs spread across the world. To be able to also cater to their global customers, kit manufacturers partner with online retail websites. These websites enable a customer to choose and purchase a jersey on the said retail website. The request will then be sent to the company manufacturing such jerseys for onward shipment to the customer’s country, where they will later be delivered to the address of the client. Examples of such online stores include Amazon, Alibaba, and Jumia.



It is also not uncommon to find a few people who buy jerseys through an auction. This kind of purchase, however, tends to be expensive and also at the discretion of the seller. The owner of such jerseys might be trying to sell them to raise a huge amount of money to be used for charitable causes. This kind of jersey purchase is usually out of the reach of the average buyer because of how potentially expensive it would become.


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