7 Top Soccer Documentaries You Must Watch

The Two Escobars Top Soccer Documentaries

Suppose you have some free time and want to delve deeper into the stories behind football stars, tournaments, and coaches. In that case, there are a lot of remarkable soccer documentaries available to watch. Although there are a plethora of soccer documentaries you can choose from, we compiled a few of the top soccer documentaries that are definitely worth your time.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

The documentary looks at the amazing coaching career of legendary Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. It looks in-depth at his coaching career spanning over 40 years, giving us a peak at the stories behind the successes of the Great Scot. 

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the football coaches with the most trophies in football history, so it would be interested to learn how he managed that feat.

This would definitely be an interesting watch for not just fans of United but football enthusiasts who are great admirers of Ferguson and his coaching style. It’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

2. Diego Maradona

A very personal look at the life and career of the late great Diego Amando Maradona.  Cobbled together from 500 hours worth of video footage from the personal collection of the former Argentinian captain, the documentary gives the viewer a different look at the enigma that is Maradona. 

The documentary explores Maradona’s arrival in Naples for a world-record fee and how he cemented his place as a Napoli legend.

The critically acclaimed documentary is currently being streamed on Amazon.

3. Pelé

Pelé is a 2021 documentary that looks at the life and career of Brazilian football legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento. This masterfully told piece takes us down memory lane with various footage showing how Pelé started out playing football before later turning into a worldwide phenomenon.

With supporting anecdotes from Pele himself, the story carries the viewer through his career trajectory from the highs to the lows and how it impacted his personal and family life. The documentary is showing now on Netflix.

4. Shame In The Game: Racism In Football

This is a raw and unedited look at how the spectre of racism is impacting the game in England from the lower to high levels of the football league. 

The documentary looks back at incidents in both men’s and women’s games and the lasting effect it has had on the whole football ecosystem. A thought-provoking look at the racist underbelly of the game in England filled with heart-wrenching interviews and disgraceful undercover footage of abuse and racism.

The documentary is currently showing on BBC iPlayer.

5. Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager

This is undoubtedly one of the best soccer documentaries ever made. Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager is a film that focused on the life and death of English manager, Sir Bobby Robson

The documentary explores important timelines of his managerial career, beginning in 1995. The movie explains the prognosis of his cancer, the surgery he had to undergo, and how his surgeon had advised him to retire from football, but Sir Bobby Robson went against the advice and became the manager of FC Barcelona 9 months later.

The documentary is currently showing on Netflix.

6. Women In Football – Why Was It Banned?

This historical documentary looks at the struggles women had to endure to be able to play the beautiful game in England. It examines how the women’s game had to be rebuilt after the Football Association banned them from playing it for 100 years. Definitely an intriguing watch. Showing on Talksport.

7. The Two Escobars

The Two Escobars Top Soccer Documentaries

The Two Escobars is an amazing soccer documentary that explains how the lives of Colombian footballer Andres Escobar and drug lord Pablo Escobar were connected. The documentary also details the mysterious circumstances that lead to the death of Andres Escobar. 

The documentary is live on ESPN and is a great watch if like the article on soccer teams that are owned by narcos.

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