Top 10 Set-Piece Takers in Football 2022

James Ward-Prowse Best Set-Piece Takers in Football

Set pieces are a major part of football. Matches can be won or lost through set-pieces, be it penalties, free kicks, throw-ins, or corner kicks. Delivering the perfect balls in set-piece situations requires a specialist.

In modern times, teams now recognise how effective and lethal set pieces can be to threaten or break down oppositions, especially teams who love parking the bus.

TOP SOCCER BLOG brings you the top 10 set-piece takers in football in 2022.


James Ward-Prowse Best Set-Piece Takers in Football

Ward-Prowse might not be getting the global recognition that he deserves, but English Premier League fans are very familiar with him. The Southampton midfielder is arguably the most dangerous direct free-kick taker in the EPL.

He is a dead-ball specialist who delivers pin-point and extremely dangerous balls from various set-piece situations. Pep Guardiola referred to Ward-Prowse as the best free-kick taker that he has ever seen.


Trent Alexander-Arnold

Alexander-Arnold is one of the players who have revolutionised the full-back role in the modern game.

The Liverpool defender is famous for his overlapping runs, long balls, wicked crosses, perfect set-piece deliveries, and assists. He is not just one of the best right-backs in football, but one of the best playmakers.

Despite being a defender, TAA has the ability to greatly influence matches.


HAKAN CALHANOGLOU Set-Piece Takers in Football

Since his days at Bayer Leverkusen and AC Milan, the Turkish playmaker has been known as a master set-piece taker. Now at Inter, Hakan has been assigned the role of taking set-pieces ahead of the more established stars at San Siro, and he has proven worthy of the task. Even most of his goals from open plays are screamers.


Joshua Kimmich Set-Piece Takers in Football

Kimmich seems to be good at everything on the pitch; from being converted seamlessly from a defender to a midfielder to dictating games, the German has also proven to be very good at set-pieces from long and short-range free kicks to corners. And his deliveries are always dangerous for opposition teams to defend against.



De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the world and is extremely good at all he does. He has incredible passing ranges and scores beautiful goals. The Belgian is equally adept in set pieces, from delivering pin-perfect crosses or finding the corner by himself. Kevin De Bruyne has been said to be the one of the best playmakers in football right now.


Toni Kroos best passers in football

Toni Kroos has established himself among the best set-piece takers in the world for more than a decade now. From long-range free kicks, corners, long balls, and swingers, the Real Madrid midfield stalwart is a specialist. The German midfielder is also one of the best passers in football.


Lionel Messi

Messi just seems to be the best at everything he tries. The former Barcelona star is the most dangerous player in the world when it comes to direct free-kicks around the penalty box.

He isn’t topping this list simply because he hasn’t found his groove at PSG this season, but you can never rule out Messi when a direct free kick pops up around the penalty box.


Bruno Fernandes best passers in football

Fernandes has been Manchester United’s best player since joining them from Sporting Lisbon. He has been involved in the most goals since then.

Although most of Bruno’s set pieces are penalties (which he is so good at), his delivery from free-kicks are also dangerous and regularly serves as a means for United to score, and the Portuguese sometimes goes for goal directly by himself too.


Dani Parejo best passers in football

Parejo has been a good set-piece specialist since his days at Valencia. Now at Villareal, he seems to be getting better at the art. Not only La Liga fans are aware of Parejo’s dead-ball skills but also followers of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. The Spanish midfield maestro is one of the most underrated footballers right now.



Though Jorginho is only known for taking penalties, as simple and straightforward as it seems, taking penalties in some tense situations can be tasking for even the best players in the world (think of Lionel Messi). Still, Jorginho always remains calm and composed in all situations.

Moreso, his unique style of taking penalties is legendary. He is one of the most lethal penalty-takers in football.


  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Mason Mount
  • Ilkan Gundogan
  • Reece James
  • Neymar
  • David Alaba
  • Riyad Mahrez
  • Marcos Alonso
  • Mohammed Salah
  • Robert Lewandowski
  • Paul Pogba.


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