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It’s common knowledge that football is one of the most if not the most popular sport on the face of the earth. Played on every continent of the world, soccer is a game widely followed and enjoyed. Almost every country has a standing football national team. However, there are a few exceptions. Today we list the nations that do not have a national team. For the purpose of this list, we will be referring to countries that don’t have any team whatsoever, and countries that are not affiliated to FIFA or any football confederations of any region. We will only include recognized sovereign states. Here are the 4 countries that don’t have a national football team currently.

1. Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are a small of Islands located in the Pacific Ocean. This small island nation has close with the United States of America, which helps to secure and protect its territory. Apart from the fact that the Marshall Islanders are not affiliated to any football association, they are said to be one of the few countries that have absolutely no interest in the sport. They are no known local football associations, clubs, interest groups in the country.

2. Monaco

Monaco Countries That Don't Have A National Football Team
Former Monaco National Team
  The Principality is one of the smallest sovereign nations in the world. Located at the southern-eastern tip of France, the nation is approximately about 2.02 Kilometers in total size. Monaco is known to be home to some of the richest in the world, with its luxurious yachts and mansions spread all over the principality. They created a national football team in the past, and played some friendly matches against local clubs, nations, unrecognized states, people groups, and territories. However, Monaco itself doesn’t currently have a national soccer team, but they do have a club side AS Monaco that competes in the French Ligue 1.

3. Nauru

This is another island nation located in the Pacific. It has a total land area of about 21 kilometers. The population of just below 11,000 is not known to play football that much, but they have played a few unofficial friendly matches with other nations. Nauru is not affiliated to FIFA any soccer confederation.

4. Vatican City

The seat of the Holy See is an independent enclave located within the Italian city called Rome. The city-state, which is run and controlled by the head of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francis, is about 0.49 kilometers in size. The state does not have any football national team, but has played a few unofficial football matches, using residents and members of the Swiss national guard to play those games for them.




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