Why Do Soccer Players Wear Sports Bras?

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Sports Bras?

Sports bras have long been used in soccer (with female soccer players being the major users) and only gained attention due to their usage by most male soccer players.

Far from what contemporary thoughts hold as their definition, these bras aren’t just underwear, as they surprisingly have more functions than regular bras.

Worn by both sex, these nouveau bras are tracking clothing pieces that houses a tracking device used in data collection for the overall performance of soccer players.

The sports bras are General Positioning Devices used by players to track and collect vital data that the player’s medical team could use for the club they play for.

Not only do these bras provide data for the medical team alone, but their usage can also positively affect a player’s performance.

So we get down to why soccer players wear sports bras:

To track players’ performance

The sports bras contain a device underneath the vest which analyses the player’s speed, heartbeat, stamina, flexibility, and everything concerning his playing on the field.

This information would assist the medical team and coach in offering valuable suggestions to players to either do more or maintain pace in the field of play.

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Sports Bras?

To assist players in recuperating

A convalescing player would find these sports bras useful as they would monitor the rate of workout and effort he/she would need to put out to be physically ready to be on the pitch.

How much of the runs players may need to do to be certified fit, comparing their current motor movement as against the period they went into convalescing, checking their calorie burns, etc., can be accurately recorded if these players wear their sports bras.

Action output

By this, it means that players’ efforts on the field can be properly determined and either improved or controlled.

An underperforming player can be called to order upon data received from his sports bras by the coach while a match is going on.

So it is for a player to exert pressure when he should be playing a less tense football.

This also informs the coach on when to make a substitution or not.

Assist in health and fitness

This is especially true for any player who is seeking to improve his or her overall health, even outside the field of play.

This works when such sports bras are worn daily or frequently with the approval of his private doctor to improve his rest, sleep, and general wellness.

The data is privately collected and stored between an individual player and his doctor.

Many medical sports brands have made the availability of sports bras possible with some super cool features.

Brands like Nike, Brooks, and Unioo all have exciting Athletic vests (as they are often called) in their collection of sportswear.

The next time sports bras are mentioned, bear in mind that what is being referred to is just a fancy-looking vest with a chip underneath to track soccer players’ data.

So if you ever wonder why soccer players wear sports bra, here is the summary of the answers.

  • To track player performance
  • To help soccer players recuperate
  • To determine output of the players
  • To assist in their health and fitness.


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