Common Soccer Superstitions That Most Soccer Fans Believe

Common Soccer Superstitions

Do you have a lucky charm or ritual that you do before your favorite team’s game? Football fans around the world have many superstitions that they believe bring their team success. We strongly believe that we all have that one habit that we can’t help but follow on game day. 

Football fans take their personal beliefs very seriously, as they believe it will bring them success and good luck during the match. 

Some of the most popular soccer superstitions include rituals before and after matches, wearing certain clothes, and so on. In this post, we are going to discuss the most interesting irrationalities that football spectators can’t get rid of. Let’s take a look!

Common Soccer Superstitions

Not shaving the beard during the playoffs

It is a common phenomenon among soccer fans not to shave their beards during the playoffs. It is believed that shaving one’s beard will bring bad luck and disrupt the team’s success.

Many players also follow this same superstition, as they believe that it will bring them more power and energy on the field. 

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Crossing your fingers for luck

Crossing your fingers is a habit that many soccer fans have before the game. It is believed that crossing your fingers gives you luck and strength during the match.

This superstition has been around for centuries, giving hope to soccer fans all over the world. So if you find yourself crossing your fingers before the game, don’t worry – you are not alone! 

Wearing the same shirt every match

This superstition is one of the most common ones among soccer fans. It is believed that wearing the same shirt before and after a match will bring your team luck and success.

Many soccer players have adopted this habit as well, making it even more popular in recent years. 

Why does this happen? It usually starts because of one win. Fans wear the same shirts to remember that win and hope that luck will return with it. Whatever the reason is, this superstition has been around for a very long time, and it is here to stay. 

Booking the same seats every match

Another popular superstition among soccer fans is booking the same seats every match. It is believed that sitting in the same seat will bring good luck to your team and help them obtain victory. But does it really help?

Well, spectators’ positions probably don’t have any influence on the outcome of the game, but it can’t hurt to feel more connected with your team.

Plus, watching a soccer match from the same spot is definitely fun and makes you feel like a part of something bigger. 

Throwing coins in the fountain or pool

Have you ever heard of the superstition of throwing coins into the fountain or swimming pool? Soccer fans around the world believe that this act will bring luck and success to their team during an important match.

This popular belief is especially prevalent in some countries like Spain, where you can often find coins thrown into a nearby river or lake before a big game. 

Making funny faces on the television 

Another popular superstition among soccer fans is to make funny faces on the television set when their favorite team is playing.

This is believed to bring good luck and increase their chance of winning. Some even wear masks or costumes in order to distract the players and give them an advantage. No matter why you do it, this superstition is definitely worth trying – who knows, maybe it will work!


No matter how irrational, superstitions can be a great source of fun and entertainment if you play soccer or watch it. They are a reminder that we should never lose our faith in the power of belief. If you give it your all and believe in something, you may end up achieving the impossible! So why not try out some of these superstitions and see if they bring your team luck? It could be the boost that your favorite soccer team needs to win their next game. Good luck!


Mary Spears is a blogger and a soccer enthusiast. She loves writing about all things related to football, including minor details like players’ off-court habits and common rituals. When not writing, Mary reads books or plays with her kids.

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