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Top 7 Footballers with Afro Hairstyle In 2021

Footballers with afro hairstyle

Footballers, like most other celebrities, are very influential, particularly to people who look up to them as role models. Apart from their abilities and characters, followers also copy their appearances, especially their hairstyles. Among footballers, we have those with modest hairstyles, stylish ones, bizarre ones, and those who decide to allow their hairs to grow an afro.

Among the afro styles, TOP SOCCER BLOG looks at the top 7 in 2021.


Footballers with afro hairstyle
David Luiz

When any football fan hears this name, the images that come up in his/her mind is that of the Brazilian in his unique hairstyle. The defender has been spotting his afro all his career. Due to this hairstyle, he has regularly been mockingly compared with the animated character, The Sideshow Bob. David Luiz recently stated that he wouldn’t keep this hairstyle should he become a manager after his retirement.


Footballers with afro hairstyle

During his days at Shakhtar Donetsk, Willian spotted deadlocks hairstyle, but upon his arrival at Chelsea, he became famously known for his afro. The Brazilian recently moved to Arsenal who already have two afros in David Luiz and Matteo Guendouzi.


The French youngster join Arsenal from Lorient in 2018 and established himself as a regular in the lineup, until recently. The 21-years-old has been spotting a long and curly afro since he became a professional and doesn’t look like changing it any time soon. Should he remain at Arsenal next season, then together with David Luiz and Willian, will complete a trio of afro hairstyles in the Gunners’ dressing room.


Footballers with afro hairstyle
Axel Witsel

Although the Belgian has spotted various hairstyles in his career, he is famously known for his (mini) afro. The Borussia Dortmund midfielder surely looks most handsome with his afro.


Footballers with afro

The Bangladeshi born Leicester City midfielder spots a huge afro on his head. He stated that he had a little afro when he was a kid which makes other kids find him interesting and has decided to keep it since then.


Footballers with Afro Hairstyle

Marcelo joined Real Madrid in 2007 as a youngster before establishing himself as arguably the best left-back in the world over the last ten years. The Brazilian has proudly spotted an afro across his senior career.


Footballers with Afro Hairstyle

The tricky and speedy wing wizard was born to a Senegalese father and a German mother. Sane is famously known with his afro hairstyle since he burst onto the scene as a youngster at Shalke 04. He changed his hairstyle to dreadlocks at a point last season but has reverted back to his afro since joining 2019/20 UEFA Champions League winners, Bayern Munich in July.

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