8 Cool Soccer Stuff To Buy This Holiday Season

Finger Soccer - 2-Player Fast-Paced Soccer Game Soccer stuff to buy

The end of the year is fast approaching which means that the holiday season is upon us. 

This is the time of the year usually associated with festivities and buying gifts for loved ones. 

Today we will be looking at some soccer-themed presents to consider when choosing gifts for your family this holiday season.

Here are some cool soccer stuff to buy this holiday in 2022.

1. World Soccer Records (2023)

If you missed out on the soccer events that took place this year, then this is the perfect book to buy now.

World Soccer Records 2023 is a best-selling collection of soccer facts, stats, and stories.

The book provides a unique presentation of facts and stats from the world of international soccer. 

All the major world and continental tournaments, national team records, exceptional matches, and players are explored in the book.

Furthermore, in the book, you will find updated stats and facts for all recent major tournaments, awards, and international teams, as well as the latest record-breaking achievements of more than 35 featured nations from around the globe.

You should definitely get it after confirming the price on Amazon.

2. World At Your Feet Book

This is a lovely picture book by Rob Parker.

The beautifully illustrated book is a great read for kids aged 3-10 years trying to learn about soccer containing 16 of football history’s greatest and iconic goals. 

Definitely a great option for a bedtime story. You can check the price on Amazon.

3. Penal-TEA Novelty Football Mug

Are you thinking of an unconventional football-related gift? Then why not go for the Penal-TEA novelty football mug?

A mug with a built-in goal so that you can practice your penal-teas with the mini ball provided!

Great fun, whether you’re on your own or with friends and family! It is available on Amazon UK.

4. Foooty! Football That Fits In your Pocket 

A convenient and lightweight football you can take with you anywhere. 

This nifty little football is made up of 10 panels that fit together to create many different balls or frisbees that are safe to play indoors or on a family outing to the beach or park. 

Does your child love to play football everywhere? This is the gift to get him. Available on Amazon.

5. Do Not Disturb I’m Watching Soccer Socks

This is another light-hearted gift you can buy for your significant other.

Comfortable socks with an important message underneath! It is available in a range of colors suitable for any team.

When your football fan wants to watch the game, these socks will make sure everyone knows not to disturb him so he can watch the game in peace! You can purchase it on Amazon.

6. The Ultimate Book of Soccer Crosswords

This is another really fun soccer stuff to buy this holiday.

This book tests your knowledge of soccer in an entertaining way 

In the book, you will find over 215 questions across 15 crosswords, containing questions from both recent and past soccer events

It is a great book for any adult that wants to test their soccer knowledge or any child that wants to learn more about soccer.

You can check the price on Amazon.

7. Finger Soccer – 2-Player Fast-Paced Soccer Game

Finger Soccer - 2-Player Fast-Paced Soccer Game Soccer stuff to buy

Finger Soccer is a fantastic two-player soccer game that is easy to learn and fun to play.

It is a great gift to give to soccer enthusiasts. You can check the price on Amazon.

8. Hover Soccer Ball Toys

Another amazing soccer stuff to buy for your kids is the Hover Soccer Ball Toys.

This toy comes with 2 LED light soccer balls, soft foam bumpers, and an indoor outdoor air floating hover ball soccer game for kids.

You can find out the price on Amazon.



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