Ultimate Soccer Equipment List For Training 2022

Soccer Equipment Training List

To become a professional footballer requires sacrifice and dedication. Every aspiring footballer out there knows that it’s not just enough to have the talent and expertise, but you also need the right equipment to help you flourish as a budding soccer star.

Soccer Equipment Training List

Here are a list of soccer equipment for training every soccer player needs to excel.

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1. Soccer Ball

This is the most obvious equipment you need to get because without it, there is no football. Make sure you purchase a quality soccer ball that will last long. Don’t forget to buy a pump and soccer gauge so that the ball will be at the right air pressure for fluid control.  I recommend the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball – Size 5 , White/Black teenagers and adults. While there is the size 4 soccer ball for kids.

2. Soccer Jerseys

This is another important item for any soccer player. Apart from acting as a means of identification or uniform jerseys can as well serve as a form of protective wear against weather elements. Items such as shirts, shorts, and socks including, tracksuits are essential items for every player. If you don’t want to wear the jersey of a team you support, you can get a plain soccer training jersey.

3. Goalkeeping Gloves

This is a must-have item for every goalkeeper. Apart from protecting the hands, soccer gloves also help goalkeepers get a good grip on the ball. It is always better to buy a pair of durable goalkeeper gloves.

4. Soccer Boots/Cleats

These are specialized footwear every soccer player is mandated to wear in any match. These boots are designed specifically for soccer players to aid their movement on the grass pitch. The importance of wearing good soccer cleats cannot be overemphasized. These cleats have soles fitted with studs that help the player run stress-free on dry or wet pitches. You should always make sure you buy the perfect soccer cleats, that gives you convenience and confidence.

5. Shin Guards

This is a protective gear worn on the lower front part of the leg called the shin. It guards against bruises and sometimes leg-breaks that a player might be at risk of during a match. The G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards are my top recommendation. They come in various colors, and are have strong quality.

6. Gear Bag

This is a bag where a player will keep all his football items e.g. boots, tracksuits, shinpads, jerseys, water bottles, etc. You need to get soccer gear bag to properly keep your training equipment. It will prevent your soccer training equipment from missing or damaging.

7. Training Vest

Special colored vests are worn during training to separate players into different groups. A team coach needs to get soccer training bibs for his team.

8. Training Cones

These are small round plastic items arranged on the pitch in any given pattern meant to help a player improve his speed and agility. You should get the 24 pack, light-coloured soccer training cone.

9. Agility Ladder

Just like the name suggests, it’s a small ladder-shaped item placed flat on the pitch. It helps players improve their speed, agility, and reflexes. They also aid in strengthening your joints. The SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder, Original is an excellent soccer training agility ladder you can purchase.

10. Jump Rope

A jump rope is a vital piece of equipment for soccer players for resistance and cardio training. If you want to become aa good soccer player, you need to have quick feet, and agility to be able to keep up with the play. Adding a simple jump rope to your soccer training, can develop your foot quickness, foot coordination, balance, and kinesthetic awareness. You should definitely get this affordable soccer jump rope now.

11. Training poles

Training poles are used to improve movement, dexterity, and sharpness. Using professional soccer training poles are much better for soccer drills.

12. Soccer Training Rings

Training are used for agility training and movement. This soccer training equipment is crucial for practicing footwork, balance, strength and flexibility. Training with quality soccer training rings allows your muscles to generate force rapidly to accelerate and decelerate your body, which is important when trying to build speed.

13. Soccer Training Parachute

This is used mainly for resistance training. Soccer players use parachutes to build strength while running. They combine resistance training, and interval training in a single workout. If you want to add more high intensity interval training to your soccer drills, you should definitely get a top-notch soccer training parachute.

14. Soccer Nets

Portable nets to practice your shots. They vary in sizes and you can get one depending on the size.

15. Movable Goalposts

Goalposts that can be easily moved anywhere to practice. It is ideal for training anytime and anywhere. You can use a lightweight movable soccer goal post for training in your backyard.

16. Training Mannequins

Training mannequins are used for simulating a defensive wall when practicing freekicks. They can help you gone your set-piece skills, and allow you master the art of bending the ball over the wall. Uber Soccer training mannequins are very similar to the ones used by professional soccer players.

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