How Do Soccer Agents Get Paid?

How Do Soccer Agents Get Paid?

The role of the football agent in the modern game has become an almost indispensable aspect of sport as we know it today. Agents over the years have grown in power and influence when it comes to determining the club a player would sign for. Depending on who you ask, agents have become a pain in the backside for clubs or God sent for professional footballers. It’s almost a rule of thumb now for any self-respecting player that if you want to get the best deal out of a potential transfer or contract negotiation, you have to involve an agent. Football agents nowadays get paid handsomely from the proceeds of negotiations they get involved in on behalf of their players. Continue reading as we detail the various ways that an agent gets paid.

Fee for Agents services

Obviously, when a player engages an agent, he will not be getting his services for free. A soccer player and his agent will agree on a sum that the agent will be paid while he/she is in his service. Top football agents like Mino Raiola, Pinhas Zahavi, and Simon Bayliff will always attract premium pay for their services.

Commission on Transfer 

Player transfer is the bread and butter of any agent worth his salt. An effective agent who is able to negotiate a good deal for his client can earn a tidy sum from the commission for the transfer. Super agents like Jorge Mendes, who manages superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodríguez, earns millions of dollars each year from various deals they are able to seal. For example, it was reported that Mino Raiola made a staggering £41.39m from Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United.

How Do Soccer Agents Get Paid?

Percentage of player wages

Agents also earn good money from the wages of players on their books. The amount is usually a percentage of the players’ salary, which is sometimes 5%. So, what that means is the higher the wages of the player on the agent’s books, the more money the said agent can expect to receive. However, it is important to note that agents cannot collect a percentage of wages from players who haven’t turned 18. For example, the highest-paid players in the Belgian League settle their agents from their salaries.

Commission from Commercial deals 

Soccer agents are also known to earn money from commercial deals signed with various companies on behalf of their clients. These commercial deals are one way in which footballers get paid . These could include image rights, sponsorships, and football boots deals. Usually, the agent fee will be deducted from the money that will be paid to the player for the commercial deal.

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