How Do Football Chants Start?

How Do Football Chants Start?
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Football chants are an exciting part of the beautiful game. It’s not uncommon to go to a football match to see supporters loudly singing songs or chanting throughout the course of the game. It usually adds entertainment and excitement to a football game.

However, have you ever wondered how football chants? Like who comes up with the lyrics? Who popularizes football chants? This questions will be answered in this article.

What are football chants?

Chants are expressive vocalizations of supporters during a football match.

These chants could take the form of songs, spoken words, or loud shouts aimed at showing off your pride in the team or players you support.

Some chants can be humorous or mean-spirited depending on the occasion or intentions of the supporters directing such chants.

Apart from adding to the atmosphere of a game, chants are also a good way to ginger or encourage players trying to win a soccer match.

Liverpool supporters, for example, like singing the famous ‘You Never Walk Alone’ song to inspire their team to go hard to win a game.

Chants are sometimes directed at the opposition to discourage them from doing well and winning a match. 

Types of football chants

Some of these chants can be explicit or abusive to the opposition just to throw them off their game.

Celebratory chants are also sometimes used when celebrating a goal, a win, or a league title.

In their opinion, chants are sometimes directed at match officials, especially if the fans feel they are not officiating the game well.

Another negative trend of football chants is the avenue it gives for people to hurl vile and racist insults at opposition players and supporters.

This has led to some games being held up or suspended. When used rightly, chants add to a football match’s color and spectacle.


How do football chants come about?

Most sides have dedicated supporters club members whose job is to ginger the larger body of supporters through the singing of songs and creative chanting that they use to boost the morale of their players during a match.

These supporters usually come up with  chants and teach them to their fellow members at matches or other gatherings.

Sometimes the chants start spontaneously as a result of something that occurred in the match.

Maybe a goal was scored, or the home fans are trying to inspire their players to score a goal.

Other times the match might be a bit boring to watch then fans will just start singing or chanting to liven up the atmosphere of the game.

Football chants are part and parcel of what makes football, so fun to watch. No matter how much the game evolves, chants will continue to be part and parcel of the beautiful game.


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