Football Clubs That Play In Claret And Blue

West Ham United play in claret and blue

Football jerseys, as we all know, are the unique identity of each team. Club jerseys can come in various colors. From red to yellow, green, or purple any shade can be used anytime. A unique color combination that some clubs use is the claret and blue combo. Claret is a shade of red on the color spectrum that seems to go very well with light blue. A few teams over the years have won this color which stands them out on the football pitch. Today we spotlight some of them.

1. Aston Villa

Aston Villa play in Claret and Blue

It’s believed that the Villains were the first to wear this color combination jersey. Reports dating back to the 1880s record this Birmingham-based club strutting unto football pitches wearing a distinct claret torso and adjoining blue sleeve combo. The style and design has varied over the years, but the unique color has remained. So much so that any team that takes to the pitch wearing that color is almost always thought to be Aston Villa.

2. West Ham United

West Ham United play in claret and blue

The London club is another side that wears claret and blue. They first unveiled this combination in the early 1900s when they would wear a light blue jersey with a single claret stripe across the chest. In later years down to the contemporary era, the Hammers jersey evolved to its current look of a claret-colored jersey and blue short sleeves. No doubt this color has stood them out from their other London-based rivals.

2. Burnley

This English Premier League also wears the blue claret combo whose colorfulness and flair don’t match the style of the team on the football pitch. Burnley didn’t start out with this look initially, but they adopted it around the 1910s. Rumor has it that they adopted the kit color, because of the success of Villa at the time, and they hoped by wearing the same color they would begin to enjoy some success on the football pitch.

4. Trabzonspor

The Turkish Super Liga side is one of the few clubs outside England branded in the claret and blue colors since their inception in 1967. They tend to wear theirs in a different style. A light blue jersey with multiple vertical claret stripes. The choice of color is said to also be an homage to Aston Villa.

5. Colorado Rapids

The Major League Soccer franchise also plays in this particular kit color combination. This followed a rebrand in 2007. They now play in an all-claret-colored jersey with 3 light blue lines either running down the sleeves or across the right shoulder.

6. Scunthorpe United FC

Scunthorpe United is another English football club that plays in claret and blue. They currently compete in EFL League Two, which is the fourth tier of the English football league system. The club is based in the town of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England, and play in a home strip of claret and blue.

Other Football Teams That Play In Claret and Blue:

  • Gzira United FC – Malta
  • Argja Bóltfelag – Faroe Islands
  • Cumbernauld United FC – Scotland
  • Cobh Ramblers FC – Ireland
  • Drogheda United FC – Ireland
  • Galway United – Ireland
  • Enosis Neon Paralimniou – Cyprus
  • F.C. Rieti – Italy
  • Weymouth FC – England
  • Malvern Town FC – England
  • South Shields FC – England
  • Westfields FC – England
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