5 Countries With The Most Football Clubs

England Countries With The Most Football Clubs

In the world today, you are sure to find a plethora of football clubs from almost every country in every continent. They are many countries that have registered various teams in their domain. Today we will be taking a look at the countries that have the most football clubs. For the purpose of this list, we will be referring to countries that have registered football club with FIFA through their various national football associations.

1. South Africa – 51, 944 Football Clubs

Richest Football Clubs In South Africa

It may come as a surprise to many people but the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosts are said to have the highest number of registered football clubs in the world. According to the Maps of the World website, South African is said to have about 51,944 registered football teams. Some of these include South African clubs like Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates, and other clubs that play in the various South African football divisions.

2. Russia – 43,700 Football Clubs

Countries With The Most Football Clubs

With about 43,700 officially registered club sides, Russia is the country with the second-largest number of football clubs in the world. The former Soviet enclave has many well-known Russian football sides that compete in the country’s various tiers. Clubs like Zenit Saint Petersburg and CSKA Moscow are very popular in this European nation.

3. England – 42,000 Football Clubs

England Football Clubs With The Most Football Clubs
HITC Sevens

The proverbial ‘home’ of football has a proud history and heritage of the game. England is unsurprisingly home to a large number of clubs spread across the length and breadth of the country. There are over 42,000 registered football clubs in England that compete in various tiers. Popular clubs like Manchester United, and less well-known ones like MK Dons are just some of the many clubs you will find in this island nation.

4. Germany – 26,760 Football Clubs

The home of the 4-time FIFA World Cup champions is said to have about 26,760 clubs registered in the country. Many globally popular clubs like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are just some of the few you will find competing at various levels in the German football league system.

5. France – 21,629 Football Clubs

PSG team

The French are also passionate followers of the beautiful game, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that many football teams are registered in the country. France is said to have about 21,629 officially registered soccer clubs in the land. Some of the best-known football club sides include Paris Saint Germain, Saint Etienne, and the legion of other clubs big or small that compete in various football tournaments in France.

Other Countries With The Most Football Clubs:

6. Italy20,961
7. Uzbekistan15,000
8. Japan13,047
9. Brazil12,987
10. Spain10,240
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