7 Popular Football Teams Who Changed Their Names

Real Madrid Popular Football Teams Who Changed Their Names

Many ardent football fans know the names of a plethora of football clubs. However, it would surprise you to know that most of the popular football clubs didn’t have the name we all call them today. For various reasons, these clubs have changed their names. This article provides you with some well-known soccer teams who changed their names.

Here are 5 popular football teams who changed their names.

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid Popular Football Teams Who Changed Their Names

Los Blancos are arguably the most famous club in football history, but not many people know that Real Madrid wasn’t its original name when it was founded. The club was established in 1900 under the name Nueva Sociedad de Football (New Society of Football). The following year its name changed to Madrid football club. In 1920 they added Real to the Madrid name after Spanish King Alfonso XIII granted the club the title, conferring royal status on the club ever since. Over the years, Real Madrid has continued to leverage on its royal patronage as the unofficial club of the Spanish elite establishment.

2. Everton FC

English Premier League side Everton were founded in 1878 with St. Domingo FC as its original name. It was named after a Methodist church of the same name in the area. The club was initially founded to enable the congregation of the said Methodist church to have an avenue to engage in sporting activities. It was renamed Everton in 1879 because people within the whole Everton area, apart from the church congregation, wanted to participate in sport as well. The club has stuck with the name ever since.

3. AC Milan

The Italian giants were founded in 1899 by Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin, two English expatriates who originally named the club Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket Club. Over the years, they have tweaked the name a bit to remain as AC Milan.

4. Arsenal FC

Arsenal 2003/2004

The English North London side was initially known as Dial Square Football Club after it was established by David Danskin and 15 other munitions workers in 1886. Its name was later changed to Royal Arsenal, the name of the complex where Danskin and his colleagues worked. In 1893, after becoming a limited liability company, the club registered with a new name called Woolwich Arsenal. The club would later drop the Woolwich name and stick alone with Arsenal, which has become their main identity ever since.

5. Manchester United

Manchester United football teams that play in red

The Old Trafford club underwent quite a few name changes before arriving at their current name. In 1878, they were founded as Newtown Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway by the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway depot, bearing the same name as the newly formed club. I After many years of financial troubles, Captain Harry Stafford, together with four local businessmen, took over the running the club, changing the name in 1902 to the current one fans know and love.

6. West Ham United

West Ham United Football Club is one of the most popular clubs in English football. West Ham United was established in 1895 and was known as Thames Ironworks F.C.. It was named after the largest and last surviving shipbuilder on the Thames, Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company. In June 1900, Thames Ironworks F.C. was disbanded, and the team relaunched as West Ham United F.C. The greatest West Ham players of all-time have won a number of trophies for the club.

7. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Guo Guangchang Wolves owner

Wolves was established in 1877 and was initially called St. Luke’s F.C. The founders of the club were John Baynton and John Brodie, two pupils of St Luke’s Church School in Blakenhall. On August 1879, St. Luke’s FC merged with the football section of a local cricket club called Blakenhall Wanderers and formed Wolverhampton Wanderers. Wolves is one of the few European football clubs owned by Chinese businessmen.

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