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What Is A Yellow Card In Soccer

What Is A Yellow Card In Soccer?

There are few sports in existence that elicit as much passion from fans and players as soccer.  If not properly managed, this passion often easily morphs into heated exchanges which can create volatile situations that may result in a threat...
Stopper In Soccer

Who Is A Stopper In Soccer?

A soccer match is won when a team outscores their opponents. Therefore, the ultimate objective of the game is to score goals and stop the opponents from scoring. Some players on the soccer pitch play the role of stopping...
England Countries With The Most Football Clubs

5 Countries With The Most Football Clubs

In the world today, you are sure to find a plethora of football clubs from almost every country in every continent. They are many countries that have registered various teams in their domain. Today we will be taking a...
Ronaldinho Soccer Players Who have won everything 

7 Greatest Soccer Players Who Have Won Everything 

Winning a football competition or trophy is the pinnacle of any soccer player’s career. Some footballers even consider themselves fortunate if they are able to achieve this feat once over their entire career. For a select few, however, they...
Players with the highest buyout clause 2020

Top 5 Players With the Highest Buyout Clause in 2020

A buyout clause, in a simple language, is the valuation made by a football club on her players. Once a purchasing club offers an amount that surpasses the buyout clause, it is mandatory for the selling club to reach...
Harry Maguire

The Rise of Harry Maguire

Photo by Кирилл Венедиктов, CC BY-SA 3.0 Uncompromising center-back, Harry Maguire, has become the world’s most expensive defender after completing an £80 million switch to Manchester United from Leicester City. The 26-year-old Sheffield-born stopper came through the Sheffield United youth...
Wilfred Ndidi

Top 5 Best Defensive Midfielders in The World Right Now

The defensive midfielder is an essential part of any football team as they form the link between attack and defense. They can help a team defensively as well as form a formidable wall against the opponent during a goal...