Liverpool beats Forest to secure semis clash with City

Liverpool beats Forest to secure semis clash with City

Liverpool has found its groove once more following a huge win against Nottingham Forest with a 1-0 win in the FA Cup Quarter Finals. Diogo Jota nailed a huge winner in the 77th minute to close out the game for the Reds, securing a huge battle against rivals Manchester City in the semis.

Head coach Jurgen Klopp’s side was in for a big delight as his boys were on the high side after pushing for a late win. Liverpool did not have any problem in the game but the late goal was surely a huge breather that the Reds dearly needed.

The win means that Liverpool will now stay on the hunt for a quadruple after they won the Carabao Cup trophy last month. The Reds are also through to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

On top of that, they just trail Manchester City by a point in the Premier League table for the first spot. The upcoming Liverpool FC game would be a huge priority for the club to win since it means taking a lead in the Premier League.

Liverpool beats Forest to secure semis clash with City

Game story

Liverpool changed its lineup to put more emphasis on the defensive end. Alisson Becker didn’t have much problems but he managed to recover well especially when he blocked Keinan Davis’ shot early in the game.

The Reds have struggled to create chances in the opening period. It was anything but a deserved win for Liverpool since they were held from a distance by Forest. It did not take long for the Reds to soon get back into their game and found a winning groove that would give them a chance to break the deadlock.

The home side continued to take the game to Liverpool, with Philip Zinckernagel missing the best Forest chance of the night that could have sent this game to extra time. That’s when Jota stepped up big and found his way for a winner.

Diogo Jota’s winning play

Liverpool beats Forest to secure semis clash with City

Jota wasn’t much of a force in this game. When Forest decided to focus on the likes of Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah, and other scoring threats, Jota got free and found his way to the cup. He was able to cut through three defenders and push for a winning shot just 12 minutes from the game finish.

Jota was pleased to make the winning play and he wanted to prove that he can still deal damage for the Reds. The star said that he is ready to take some minutes and step up in crucial moments.

‘It was obviously a tough game’, Jota said. ‘They (Forest) are a great team and play with lots of intensity and they gave us a proper fight. They gave us a proper challenge and their fans were outstanding. But we are in the semi-finals. It (City) is another tough game. One more. There are still a lot of games before then’.

A bigger showdown waiting

Liverpool is now set for a huge showdown with Manchester City in the semis. This rivalry has been going on for years and no one can deny the fact that this is one of the most awaited games on the schedule. 

The Reds last won the FA Cup back in the 2006 edition and haven’t been in the final since 2012. The club wants to add more to its 14 total finals appearances, and this is a chance that they cannot waste.

Every upcoming Liverpool FC game is a must-win for the Reds. They will need all the wins they can get to complete the quadruple this season. Who knows, this may be a big chance for the team to close out a finish that would be greater than their 2019-20 run.

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