Top 5 Most Aggressive Footballers in 2020

Most aggressive Footballers
Allan Nyom

Football is a game that triggers a lot of emotions such as joy, frustration, disappointment, and of course, anger! Footballers who are passionate and aggressive are always to keen to jump into tackles, drag a shirt, argue with the referee or handle the ball.

Modern football doesn’t tolerate unruly behavior, and the referees don’t fail to dish out cards to offending players. So who were the most aggressive Footballers in 2020? Let’s find out.

Top 5 Most Aggressive Footballers in 2020

Our list of the most aggressive players in 2020 is based on the players with most yellow and red cards in the 2019/20 football season.

1. Allan Nyom (15 Yellow cards, 2 Red cards)

Most aggressive Footballers
Allan Nyom

Getafe were often criticized by many clubs they faced this season for their aggressive style of play. It is no surprise then to see two of their players make this list. The first and the most aggressive football player is Cameroonian Allan Nyom.
The 32-year-old defender is a tough tackler who likes to commit fouls often and play the ball off the ground. Nyom averages 1.2 tackles and 1.9 fouls per game. He has been cautioned 15 times, and sent off

2. Damián Suárez (17 Yellow cards, 1 Red card)

Aggressive Footballers
Damián Suárez

Damián Suárez is the second player, and also plays in Getafe. The 32-year-old right-back joined the club in 2015 and has been a consistent player for his side.
The Uruguayan is a very good player, but he also likes to tackle and commit fouls. He also argued with referees and has been booked for dissent on numerous occasions last season. Suarez has been cautioned a whopping 17 times and sent off once in 35 matches.

3. Klaus Gjasula (18 yellow cards)

Most aggressive Footballers
Klaus Gjasula

Paderborn were relegated from the German Bundesliga this season, but Albanian Klaus Gjasula left his mark during his time in the German top-flight. The 30-year-old is a really good defensive midfielder, but he can be overzealous with his tackling. He averages about 2.4 tackles a game, and 1.7 fouls. Klaus was the most aggressive player in the German Bundesliga last season with 18 yellow cards.

4. Gianluca Mancini (16 yellow cards, 2 red cards)

Aggressive Footballers
Gianluca Mancini

The Serie A is often said to be the most aggressive football league in Europe, so you would expect one of the top Serie A defenders to make this list AS Roma’s Gianluca Mancini was Italy’s most aggressive player from last season.
The 24-year-old can play as a defender or as a defensive midfielder. Mancini is actually a terrific player but has a hothead on his shoulders. He loves to commit fouls and dive into every challenge. Gianluca Mancini has been booked 18 times this season, with 16 yellows and 2 red cards.

5. Jonathan Silva (13 yellow cards, 1 red card)

Aggressive Footballers
Jonathan Silva

Jonathan Silva was relegated with Leganes last season. The 26-year-old is a short, burly defender. The Argentinian has to do a lot of defensive work for his frailing Leganes team, and had to commit fouls to bail them out. In 34 appearances, Silva was cautioned 13 times and sent off once.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Gerard Pique – Barcelona (20 yellow cards)
  • Cristian Romero – Genoa
    (14 yellow cards, 1 red card)
  • Joe Williams – Wigan Athletic
    (13 yellow cards, 1 red card)
  • Robert Andrich – Union Berlin
    (12 yellow cards, 1 red card)
  • Jefferson Lerma – Bournemouth
    (11 Yellow cards, 1 red card)
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