Coventry City Will Possibly Go From League Two To The Premier League

Coventry City will possibly go from League Two to Premier League
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For the first time in 22 years, Coventry City F.C. is at a turning point in the club’s career. The Sky Blues have been through it as ownership changes, and new stadiums reflect the last few years. But with the help of Mark Robins, Coventry seems to plunge headlong into a new era.

The last few years

As one of the most senior English football clubs, Coventry City has been a club with immense talent. The renowned Scottish midfielder Tommy Hutchinson and the legend from Zimbabwe Peter Ndlovu are just among some of the beloved footballers who joined forces with Coventry throughout the years.

However, times have been rough for the Sky Blues throughout the last decade. When manager Mark Robins joined the club in 2017, Coventry had gone through a long process trying to reach the Premier League. In 2018, the club exited the fourth–tier League Two. 

The promotion

Thanks to a goal from Brazilian-Dutch player Gustavo Hamer, the Sky Blues could reach the Championship playoff final with a 1-0 win against Middlesbrough. As of now, the next question is whether Luton or Coventry will become the third team to get to the Premier League. 

Even though Coventry has been a strong team, the soccer betting odds are in Luton’s favor. With a slight advantage, the Hatters are the favorites with +140 odds. Therefore, it doesn’t look like Coventry will get the promotion they’ve worked for. Even though both teams have had strong seasons, Luton has played more consistently.  

Ownership and stadium changes 

The story of Coventry F.C.’s push toward the Premier League has been a tale of ups and downs. Just during the last ten years, the club has been through changes of owners and stadiums.

The new owner Doug King became owner as he bought out the previous owner Sisu Capital Limited. As he mentioned in an interview, his goal was to focus on this season and the near future. The previous owner Sisu helped Coventry when the club was at a low point in 2007.

As the Sky Blues were forced to leave Highfield Road, the club hasn’t owned their own stadium. This led to searching for ground-share homes and even lending other stadiums for home games. But with the new owner, things could change. 

Mark Robins  

Mark Robins Coventry City FC manager
(Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images)

A large part of the club’s success can be recoined by the team boss, Mark Robins. As he came to the club in 2017 and was joined by another coach, Adi Viveash, they have created a valuable squad. Players like Viktor Gyokeres and Gustavo Hamer have undoubtedly become fan favorites. With those signings alongside loan signings of young players, the Coventry F.C. squad has become a lot stronger. 

Striker Viktor Gyokeres 

While Coventry obviously wants to go to the Premier League, other teams might wish to stand in the way. Brentford F.C. has had their eye on the Sky Blues striker Viktor Gyokeres from Sweden, who is currently valued at 25 million pounds. If Coventry City does not get promoted, this will increase the chance of Brentford landing a deal with the striker. 

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