The World Cup is getting more exciting as it gets closer. As we await the much anticipated global football tournament, we have seen many countries launch new kits.

Today we will look at the top best 2018 FIFA World Cup Kits. All the football kits look nice amazing. Even though we are not doing a full 2018 world cup kits overview, these are the best 2018 world cup kits.

As expected Nike and Adidas are responsible for making almost all of the competing teams jerseys (22). Adidas with 12 and Nike with 10. The rest is shared by other sports clothing brands, like Puma, Umbro, New balance and Hummel.

10 Best 2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

10. Brazil

Best 2018 World Cup Kit
Image: Nike

Brazil created a Nike kit that looked like the yellow worn kit at the 1970 World Cup. The away jersey is royal blue with a unique star pattern covering the front.

9. Germany
Best 2018 World Cup Kit
The reigning World Cup champions designed a beautiful black and white Jersey that looked like the 1990 strip. The away kit is fine too and is green in colour.

8. Spain
Top Best 2018 World Cup Kit
The Spain kit was made by Adidas, and was inspired by the inspired by the classic 1994 home strip. The away jersey is halo blur, with light orange trims.

7. South Korea

Top 2018 World Cup Kit
Nice and simple jersey. The South Korean home kit has a classic red design with dark blue shorts and red socks. The away kit is even nicer, it is white, and has a red and blue graphic of a tiger pattern and the Taegeuk symbol.

6. Argentina

Argentina 2018 World Cup Kit
2018 World Cup Kit

Argentina 2018 World Cup Kit is very similar to their old jerseys. With light blue and white large strips, and neat design. Meanwhile, Argentina’s 2018 World Cup away kit will be black.

5. Japan
Best 2018 World Cup Kit
Japan has a fantastic kit for the 2018 World Cup. Adidas said the kit design took it’s inspiration from the traditional samurai armour.

4. France
Best 2018 World Cup Kit
France will be adorned in their traditional blue jersey for the 2018 World Cup. The kit has a simple, yet amazing design. The away jersey for French national team in the 2018 World Cup will be white and navy.

3. Colombia

Best 2018 World Cup Kit
Image: Adidas

This is one of the best football jerseys in the World Cup.
Colombia’s 2018 World Cup kits were designed and produced by Adidas. The home kit features their traditional yellow and dark blue, with really cook red and blue designs by the sides. While the Colombian 2018 away jersey is royal blue and bright orange.

2. Belgium
Best 2018 World Cup Kit
Adidas produced an amazing kit in Belgium’s 2018 World Cup kit. The home kit has a bold design on the chest that takes inspiration from the iconic 1984 top.

1. Nigeria

Nigeria best 2018 World Cup kit
Image: Nike

Our top 2018 World Cup Kit goes to Nigeria. The Super Eagles of Nigeria had their kit produced by Nike, and they did a fantastic job. The home jersey is a perfect combination of bright green, white and black in an especially bold design, inspired from the 1994 World Cup kit.

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