5 Must-Know Facts About Football Injuries

Facts About Football Injuries

Injuries in football though unpleasant are a natural eventuality of the game. It’s almost impossible that you will not find one footballer or the other who has not experienced one injury or two during his career. All sorts of injuries happen to players with their attendant fallouts and consequences. Continue reading as we highlight some facts about injuries in football.

1. Types of Football Injuries 

Soccer injuries vary in type and severity. Due to the physical nature of the spot, it’s not uncommon to see players week in week out pick up all manner of injuries. Some could be broken arms or legs, concussion, hamstring, knee, or back injury. These are the sort of injuries footballers have to potentially deal with on a regular basis.

Luis Suarez meniscus injury

2. Treatment and Duration 

Sports and Medical science have become more advanced, with better treatments available to players aiding quicker and more complete recovery. Some injuries that in the past would take a longer time to heal or were career-ending now have treatments that can guarantee almost complete recovery. Injuries like broken arms or legs, for example, need not be career-ending like before. Because there are surgeries and therapies that will nurse the footballer back to full fitness. Footballers who have suffered from ACL injury take the most time to recover and come back to full fitness.

3. Consequences of an Injury 

There are many consequences of an injury happening to a player. Looking at it from the players’ perspective, it could lead to loss of one’s place in the team due to the matches missed due to injury, potential loss of income due to a career-ending injury, plus loss of form. While for the clubs, injuries mean paying wages even though the player isn’t active, potential loss and elimination from a tournament due to absence of a player due to injury, or potential financial loss due to a player you paid huge money to sign out injured, etc. A player who is carrying an injury usually can’t be bought or sold. For example, there was a football rule change to protect players from concussions and head injury. The rule was made to punish players who attempt yo cause head injury.

Marco Reus ACL Injury

4. Change In Football rules and Refereeing 

The rules in football and refereeing have changed over the years to protect players from getting horrible injuries. For instance, rules about not tackling from the back or against studs high challenge have helped to protect players from getting hurt. Rules also about not jumping with your arms raised too high protect the player from being elbowed or struck in the face. Another important law is the concussion rule which prioritizes the safety of the player once he gets a head injury.

Facts About Football Injuries

5. Football injuries cause Loss of Glamour and Excitement 

Football injuries also tend to rub a competition of its excitement especially if the superstar players are missing due to injuries. For example, some football players who tore their meniscus missed the World Cup at some point.

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