Top 5 Best Football Commentators In The World

Top 5 Football Commentators 2018

If you love watching football games then you obviously know that those matches won’t be enjoyable without football commentators. Those amazing soccer commentators give us pitch perfect punditry, that stimulate our love for the beautiful game.There are so many top football commentators in the world.

Their eloquent words direct the flow of our emotions whenever we are watching game, and helps us enjoy the game better.
Now there are a lot of top football commentators in the world. But today you will be learning about some of the best football commentators in the world. They are mostly, top English football commentators in our list though. Let’s go!


5. Martin Tyler

Top 5 Football Commentators 2018

The 72 year old Englishman is without one other best English football commentators in the world. This is evident to the fact that he was voted FA Premier League Commentator of the Decade in 2003.

Martin Tyler began his career as a football commentator in 1974, and has gone on to anchor so many matches in the Premier League. Tyler has worked with BSkyB (Sky Sports), Premier League Productions, SBS (Australia) and Fox in the United States. He has covered commentaries on Champions League and World Cup Matches. Tyler is also the default commentator in the FIFA video game series, he was used from 2006 till now.

Currently, he coaches National League South club Hampton & Richmond Borough since 2014.

4. Jon Champion

Top 5 football commentators
Jon Champion is a skilled, established and seasoned commentator. He is widely regarded as one of the best soccer commentators in the world. Champion was born in 1965 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. He began working with BBC sport early in his careers. He went to offer his impeccable service for ITV Sport, Setanta and ESPN. He has covered commentaries of so many prestigious Champions League and World Cup matches. In 2006, Champion was announced as the default commentator for the first time in the Pro Evolution Soccer series from Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, till he was replaced in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.


3. Peter Drury

Top 5 soccer commentators Peter Drury is a another good soccer commentator. He is very popular too, having worked with ITV Sport as their football commentator, since 1998, and later joined BT Sport for their coverage of the Premier League, FA Cup and European fixtures.

Drury has been praised for his ability to scrutinize situations in matches, strategies and game plans. It’s always fun to listen to him while catching a game. Drury is best to listen when a team is attacking rabidly, he delivers commentary perfectly.

It is also interesting to know that in 2015, Peter Drury replaced Jon Champion as the primary commentator in the Pro Evolution Soccer video game series, starting with in 2016.

2. Derek Rae

Top 5 soccer commentators
The Scottish commentator has to definitely be on this list.

Derek Rae always has a pedigree for sport commentaries. By age 15, he had already his professional broadcasting career, covering games for a radio station that broadcast to local hospitals in Aberdeen , Scotland. When he was 20, BBC made him their Scotland football correspondent.
Currently, Rae works as a soccer commentator for ESPN in the US and is also the current commentator for BT Sport.
Derek Rae has a commanding Scottish voice, and is fluent in German and several other languages.


1. Jim Beglin

Top football commentators 2018
Topping our list is the Irish sports commentators and former profess football player, James Martin “Jim” Beglin. Jim Begin has been lauded as the best football commentator of all time. He is very popular among soccer fans and has covered manifold matches in the Premier League. Currently, Beglin, is a co-commentator for BT Sport and NBCSN and has worked as a co-commentator on ITV before. He began working as the default co-commentator in the Pro Evolution Soccer Game Series in 2011. He was paired alongside Jon Champion and later with Peter Drury.

Now there you have it, the top 5 football commentators in the world. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comment box. Also don’t forget to share, I’m sure your friends would love to read this.

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