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FIFA World Cup records

15 Unbelievable FIFA World Cup Records You Never Knew

The excitement of the most prestigious tournament in football is building up steadily. The FIFA World Cup will soon commence, and as expected, new records will definitely be set, old ones will surely be broken. However, today we will...
Best 2018 World Cup Kit

Top 10 Best 2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

The World Cup is getting more exciting as it gets closer. As we await the much anticipated global football tournament, we have seen many countries launch new kits. Today we will look at the top best 2018 FIFA World Cup...
Things to know before buying football boots

5 Smart Things To Know Before Buying Football Boots

Football is an amazing sport played by both young and old, inexperienced and trained. And it is played for many reasons ranging from recreation to competition. One major aspect of playing football are the football boots. (This is known...
Paulinho Barcelona

10 Cool Facts About Paulinho

On August 14 2017, FC Barcelona announced the signing of Brazilian midfielder Paulinho. This was their first signing following the departure of fellow Brazilian Neymar Junior to Paris Saint Germain. Little is known about Paulinho, well here are 10 cool...