How Do Football Managers Get Paid?

Jose Mourinho How Do Football Managers Get Paid?

The job of a football manager is one of the most tasking yet rewarding occupations in the world of football competition. The stresses and pressures of coaching a successful football team are things they have to live with, especially in these modern times. It comes as no surprise that modern football managers are well remunerated to help cushion the pressures of the job. Soccer coaches have been able to use their unique skill set to earn them big paydays, but how exactly do football managers get paid?

1. Contract 

Like soccer players, managers or coaches also sign lucrative contracts. This is a legally binding documentation containing the obligations of both manager and club, which they both mutually agreed to abide by.

The contract usually contains details like how much the coach will be paid, the duration, and also targets which the manager should meet. Some of the best coaches in the modern game, like Pep Guardiola, Thomas Tuchel, Jurgen Kloop, etc., come at a very high price for their services because of their expertise and record of success in other clubs.

2. Bonuses or Rewards

Like how footballers get rewarded for winning competitions and tournaments, managers also get commendations or honors for lifting trophies. This could be monetary rewards in the form of bonuses or cash emoluments. Sometimes it could also be in kind in the form of national honors or gifts of houses or cars. Former Nigeria national team manager Johannes Bonfrere was given a house in the nation’s capital Abuja for leading the Nigerian Olympic team to a football gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Jose Mourinho How Do Football Managers Get Paid?

3. Contract Violation or Termination

It is common nowadays for coaches to insert termination clauses in their contracts. These clauses state the financial compensation that will be given to a manager in the event that his services are no longer needed. If a club has to sack a manager for any reason, they will usually pay a lot of money due to the termination clauses they sign. Failure to pay this compensation could lead to litigation which would potentially affect the club’s financial and reputational standing. Famous Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has benefited from such huge payoffs. He is one of the highest paid football coaches in the world.

4. TV Punditry

Sometimes coaches make good money on the side, providing insightful expert football analysis as pundits for broadcast football matches. Big broadcast channels like Fox, Sky Sports, BBC, etc., usually hire high-profile coaches to act as analysts, especially if there is a major football tournament on the horizon. Managers usually take up these temporary jobs during the off-season or when they are unemployed.

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