What Games Do The World’s Best Soccer Players Like?

What Games Do The World's Best Soccer Players Like

The best soccer players are known for their skill, agility, and tactical awareness. They are incredibly fit and strong, which enables them to perform at their best in tight, tense matches. As such, they usually impress fans with their physical abilities and signature moves. 

But is football the only thing they do? 

It most definitely isn’t! There are lots of famous soccer players who enjoy gaming as well and use it to relax after a hard day of training.

Even the best soccer players of all time are not immune to having fun in their free time. They do it because this type of entertainment is simple and engaging, which helps them to take their minds off of soccer for a few hours. 

But what seem to be the most popular games with pro football players? In this post, we are going to check that out. Let’s take a look!

What Games Do The World's Best Soccer Players Like

You’d probably be surprised to learn that footballers spend a lot of time playing online and offline games. It turns out they love all kinds of things, but we picked a few titles that are popular among most athletes. Here they are:

Digital gambling

Online casinos are thriving these days because they provide a familiar and easy-to-understand way to have fun. That’s why many footballers enjoy gambling too – they can play without having to worry about the outcome or fans following them in a traditional casino. 

Besides that, gamers can play a mobile game at an online casino. Almost all players have an iPhone, and thanks to the top Apple Pay casino, they can pick and play an online game in a digital casino between competitions. It goes to show the power of Apple Pay and modern gambling methods because they can serve average gamblers and pro athletes just the same. 

You can find out some of the football players that love to gamble.


The FIFA video game series is one of the longest-running and most popular sports games of all time. Developed by EA Sports, it’s a classic soccer simulation that allows players to experience realistic gameplay in career, tournament, and quick-match modes. 

The ability to create custom teams and compete with friends has made this game popular for fans of soccer across multiple generations. With its vibrant visuals, fast-paced gameplay, and extensive team customization options, FIFA continues to offer a unique gaming experience for anyone looking to enjoy virtual soccer from their own living room. 

Pro athletes enjoy FIFA because it enables them to experience a full-fledged soccer match in their free time and practice their skills without having to go through the hassle of setting up a real match. 

Most of the footballers who love anime are also avid FIFA gamers.

Sports betting

Of course, a lot of famous footballers also enjoy placing bets on their favorite teams and athletes. It’s a fun way to test one’s knowledge about sports, bet on the outcomes of matches, and potentially win some money in the process. 

Sports betting has been gaining more popularity among players recently, mostly due to the availability of iPhone casino apps and similar gambling platforms. In 2023, the availability of these apps gives players a great opportunity to play anywhere and anytime.

Call of Duty

Soccer players have often been demonstrating an appreciation for the popular Call of Duty video game series. A passion for their own sport and skill on the field naturally translates to their gaming skills, where athletes can be seen competing in ranked matches with some of the world’s best gamers. 

Some players even proved adept at adapting to new games and challenging themselves to the next level of play. Their ability to prioritize team tactics has been a key factor in their gaming success, as is common in soccer. Overall, it is no surprise that pro footballers also enjoy Call of Duty, where strategy and skill are equally valued.

Rocket League

Another favorite among footballers is Rocket League. A mix of soccer and racing, it’s a game about trying to score goals with a rocket-powered car. Players must master the controls in order to move around the field and hit their targets accurately. 

With its simple but effective gameplay mechanics and vibrant visuals, Rocket League has found an audience among footballers. The competition involved in this game is intense, so players must embrace the challenge if they want to succeed. 

Traditional offline games

Last but not least, many footballers still find themselves playing more traditional board games and card games. This includes classics like chess, poker, blackjack, and even Monopoly. 

These types of offline games are great for helping players relax after a tough match or practice session and hone their strategies in a competitive environment. Playing against friends can also provide an extra challenge as the stakes rise. 

No matter which type of game they choose, pro footballers will always be able to find something enjoyable to play. Whether it’s a mobile or console experience, an online casino game, or a traditional offline pastime, there’s something for everyone in the world of gaming. 


It’s clear that pro footballers enjoy all kinds of different games and activities in their free time. From digital gambling to FIFA and Call of Duty, these athletes have embraced a variety of gaming experiences and used them to hone their skills. 

We hope that this article has given you an insight into the popular pastime options among footballers. Enjoying a gaming session is something all people can do, so grab your device and start having some fun!


Mary Spears is a blogger who happens to love all types of sports. She often writes about football, tournaments, and gaming strategies that can help bettors win money online. When not working, Mary is likely traveling or reading a book in her favorite coffee shop.

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