Top 10 Football Clubs With Weird And Funny Names

They are so many things to love about a football club, it could be its players, its rich history, or its trophies. However, one interesting that you might love could it their name. While most football clubs are named after cities or states in the country, some are named in way that can sound weird, sound funny and are awfully long. Today we take a look at some football clubs with weird names. Just read, relax have fun.

Top 10 Football Clubs With Weird And Funny Names


We begin in Cyprus. Leading Cyprian football club are commonly known as APOEL Nicosia. However, that is just an abbreviations for their actual shocking name. It is actually Athletikos Podosferikos Omilos Eplinon Lefkosias, which means in English “Athletic Football Club of Greeks of Nicosia”. Founded in 1929, APOEL are one of the European football clubs that have never been relegated.

2. Deportivo Morón

Deportivo Morón
Can you imagine? Deportivo Moron! It sounds very funny indeed. ‘Morón’ in Spanish actually means ‘hummock’. But in English… you already know what it means.
Club Deportivo Morón is a football club based in Argentina. It is actually situated in the city of Morón, in the capital Buenos Aires . They currently plays in
Primera B Nacional , the second division of the Argentine football league system.


3. Lincoln Red Imps

Lincoln red imps
Seriously?! Imps! The Red Imps are top club in Gibraltar’s
premier league. They most notable achievement was when they stunned Celtic in the first leg of a Champions
League qualifying round in 2016, beating them 1-0 at home. Of course, they later lost the return leg 3-0. The team was formed in 1976, they have won the league title in Gibraltar 22 times, and the last 14 times were consecutive wins, give it up for the imps!

4. NAC Breda

NAC Breda is a very old Dutch football club, founded in 1912, when to clubs combined. To many people, including you, it is commonly known as NAC Breda, but it is actually an abbreviation for the two clubs that combined to form the current football team.

The full name us actually, Nooit
opgeven altijd doorgaan, Aangenaam door
vermaak en nuttig door ontspanning, Combinatie Breda. Imagine if a commentator tried to pronounce that name, no way!

5. Cape-Coast Mysterious Dwarfs

Cape coast ebusua dwarfs

Ghanaians! Why?! You’ll be surprised to know that no dwarf is in the team.
Cape-Coast Mysterious Dwarfs or Cape-Coast Ebusua Dwarfs is a Ghanaian
professional football club situated in Cape Coast. They currently play in the Ghana
Premier League, and have even featured in the CAF Confederation Cup.

6. Semen Padang

Semen Padang is an Indonesian football club. The club was named after
the place they are situated which is Padang. However, their first name and weird name, ‘semen’ was from there main sponsors, who were the country’s largest cement producer.

7. Fotballaget Fart

Fotballaget fart fc

FL Fart, or Fotballaget Fart,
is a Norwegian Club that was founded in 1934. The name means ‘football team
speed’ in Norwegian. But in English it sounds like ‘footballer get fart’, whichs makes it a very weird, funny name. Also, the name of their home stadium is called
the Fartbana. However, the club’s women’s
side are more famous that the men’s team. They who currently ply their trade in the Norwegian First Division.


8. Insurance Management Bears

I’m quite sure you are thinking this is a slogan for an insurance company, but it is actually a football club’s name.

Insurance Management Bears FC is a football club of Nassau, Bahamas and are currently playing in the BFA Senior League.
The club was founded in 1996 by Anton Sealey, who was elected as the president of the Bahamas Football Association. The interesting thing is that he formed this club from a grant he got from his former employers, Insurance Management Bahamas Ltd.

They are actually a good team in Bahamas, having won the league title six times.

9. Botswana Meat Commission

Botswana Meat Commission Football Club are based in Lobatse, Botswana. The football club was established in 1969 and play in the Botswana Premier League.
Botswana is one of the top exporters of beef, so the, Botswana meat
commission, can own such a club. On the team emblem is even a pig!

10. Miscellaneous Sporting Club

Miscellaneous Sporting Club has a very hilarious name, you would think that the team ia made up of micellaneous players only. Another Botswana football club based in Serowe, play in the Botswana Premier League.
Interestingly, this club was founded by the first President of Botswana, late Sir Seretse Khama when he returned from
exile, in 1962.

That’s it people, I really hope you enjoyed reading. So let me know in the comment box, which name was the weirdest? Or funniest? Also please don’t forget to share your friends will want to read this.

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