How To Become A Good Soccer Striker

How to be a good soccer striker

Kicking a soccer ball into the back of the net is the major aim of any football match. Scoring a goal can be made to look so easy, however, it can be harder than it looks. Hence the reason we give accolades to those specialists we call strikers. Men and women who through skill, tenacity, and hard work have established themselves as one of the deadliest hitmen in the game. A lot goes into becoming a very good attacker, so here are a few tips to put you well on your way to becoming the next Harry Kane, Robert Lewandoski, and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Watch the best attackers that have ever played the game and one thing that has always been part of their repertoire is having good to great technique. The ability to strike a ball or lose a marker are handy skills to have when trying to score a goal. The ability to also head the ball is part of the required technique every budding number 9 should have.

How to be a good soccer striker


Whenever we watch how the best strikers score goals, one thing that sticks out is how calm they are in front of the goal. Whether surrounded by defenders or attempting to shoot from a tight angle, the best strikers always seem to be able to score despite pressure from their markers and goalkeepers. All the best strikers in the world have composure, which enables them to finish clinically.


Talk to any defender, and one of the things they will tell you is that they hate dealing with any attacker with raw pace. Speed is everything for a striker, from quick reaction time and blistering pace that gives you an edge to beat any defender.

Creativity and Intelligence

A good striker should always be one step ahead of his marker. Whatever the physical attributes of a point man, it is important that he has that creative spark and intelligence to evade his marker. He has to find imaginative ways to score goals, especially under pressure.

How to be a good soccer striker


A good striker should always be accurate when shooting the ball. Whether taking shots from a distance or tapping in balls within the 18-yard-box, an attacker whose shots are precise will always have a good chance of scoring a goal.


A good striker should always be bold and tenacious. Attackers tend to face defenders and goalkeepers who are big and uncompromising with their tackles. Any goal scorer that wishes to be successful should always have a healthy slice of courage and determination. Some of the best strikers in the English Premier League must show aggression and tenacity to score ina game.


Every striker worth his salt needs to be strong so as to be able to fend off defenders and deliver powerful shots.

Patience and Concentration

It’s important for every attacker to learn to be patient. There will be periods in any given match when there are not many chances to score. A good number 9 should always be mentally alert to convert a chance whenever it falls to him.

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