Your Guide To The 2022 NPL Queensland in Australia

National Premier League Queensland

Football is among the most admired and watched sports in Australia. Football Australia is an official regulatory body with headquarters in Sydney that is responsible for organizing all the tournaments in the country. It was founded in 1961, but then this institution had a slightly different format. The current format was adopted only in 2004. There are numerous football competitions in the country. One of the most significant tournaments in Australia is NPL Queensland which is a subdivision of the National Premier Leagues. 

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Australia NPL Queensland Season Preview 

The current 2022 season of the Queensland NPL started on February 25, 2022, and there were already seventeen football matches played out of one hundred and thirty-two. In this section, you will find out all the particulars regarding this football event in Australia. 

How is Australian football run? What is the Australian premier league? 

The National Premier League (NPL) is the second-tier prominent tournament in Australia after A-League which was founded in the year 2013. The NPL is made up of the highest-level leagues in each of the states in the country. Overall, this competition has eight major divisions with ninety football clubs playing there. One of the divisions of the NPL is Queensland which is the tournament in the second biggest state in Australia.

The National League Queensland is supervised by the regulatory body Football Queensland which was founded in 1884. The tournament itself was established in 2012 and there are twelve teams that participate in it. Here are the details concerning those teams that take part in the current season and their head couches: 

  • Brisbane Roar Youth – Chris Grossman
  • Olympic FC – Ben Cahn
  • Moreton Bay United – Royce Brownlie
  • Capalaba FC – David McEvoy
  • Peninsula Power – Aaron Philp
  • Logan Lightning – Rick Coghlan
  • Eastern Suburbs – Graham Ross
  • Gold Coast Knights – Adem Poric
  • Lions FC – Darren Sime
  • Sunshine Coast Wanderers – Paul Arnison
  • Brisbane City – Matt Smith
  • Gold Coast United – Grae Piddick

Top Teams and Key Players in Australia NPL Queensland 

Overall, the champions of this tournament are considered to be Lions FC who won the title in the year 2020. As far as the present season is considered, the first football club on the table that has the highest number of points is Olympic FC. The team has nine points and three won matches with nine scored goals and only two conceded ones. 

The second place in the rating belongs to Gold Coast Knights who also have nine points, eleven goals scored and four conceded. Queensland Lions FC takes the third position on the table and have six points. They won two games and lost one game. The team scored thirteen goals and conceded ten goals. 

The fourth position belongs to the Sunshine Coast Wanderers who have six points. They won two games out of three played and lost one game. The team scored six goals and conceded the same number of goals. Gold Coast United takes the fifth position in the rating with four points, three scored goals and three conceded ones. The team won one game and lost another game. The third game ended in a draw.  

When it comes to the key players of the last seasons of the NPL Queensland, here they are:

  • Season 2021: Brandon McMorrow – 2 goals; Luke Plummer – 1 goal; Bavan Atwal – 1 goal. 
  • Season 2020: Jheison Macuace – 8 goals; Shane Smeltz – 7 goals; Joe Duckworth – 7 goals. 

Best Defending Teams 

Here are the football clubs that have lost the smallest number of goals during all the games played in the season:

  • Olympic FC – 2 goals;
  • Gold Coast United FC – 3 goals;
  • Gold Coast Knights SC – 4 goals;
  • Moreton Bay United Jets FC – 4 goals. 

Worst Defending Teams

Below you will uncover those teams who have lost the highest number of goals over the season: 

  • Queensland Lions FC – 10 goals;
  • Capalaba FC – 10 goals;
  • Eastern Suburbs SC Brisbane – 7 goals; 
  • Brisbane Roar FC Youth – 7 goals;
  • Sunshine Coast Wanderers FC – 6 goals; 
  • Brisbane City FC – 6 goals. 

Best Attacking Teams 

Here are those football clubs mentioned who have scored the most goals:

  • Queensland Lions FC – 13 goals
  • Gold Coast Knights SC – 11 goals
  • Olympic FC – 9 goals;
  • Peninsula Power FC – 8 goals;
  • Brisbane Roar FC Youth – 7 goals. 

Worst Attacking Teams 

Those teams that you will find below have scored the least goals over the season so far:

  • Brisbane City FC – 2 goals;
  • Capalaba FC – 2 goals;
  • Moreton Bay United Jets FC – 3 goals; 
  • Eastern Suburbs SC Brisbane – 3 goals;
  • Logan Lightning FC – 3 goals.

Top Scorers 

Here are football players who have scored the highest number of goals over the current season of the Australian premier league. 

  • K. Jelacic (Olympic FC QLD) – 4 goals;
  • A. Pengelly (QLD Lions) – 4 goals;
  • A. Fiechtner (QLD Lions) – 3 goals;
  • A. Jancevski (Sunshine Coast) – 3 goals;
  • A. Poljak (Peninsula Power) – 3 goals.

Top assists

The rating with the best assist in the matches of the current season will be provided soon. 

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