Best German Soccer Teams of All Time 

Best German Soccer Teams of All Time 

As time goes on, the Germans prove that their soccer prowess is something out of the ordinary. As the Bundesliga continues, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund lead the league as expected. The German national team also never ceases to impress. They have taken the title and trophies at four FIFA World Cups, three European Championships, and one Confederations Cup, making them one of the most successful soccer teams in the world

Their top national league is the Bundesliga, and every year it provides entertaining and exciting soccer for the whole world. It’s among football fans’ favorite soccer to watch and always promises to bring a fiery game to the pitch and their screens.

The level of German soccer 

German football may be some of the greatest to watch, but what team did it best? Over the years, we have seen many teams come and go, but today we are going to focus on the top five teams that deliver a different class of football entirely.

Best German Soccer Teams of All Time 


Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich prides itself on having an airtight defensive line with the best German goalkeeper to date between the poles. Their attack is stellar too, with fatal counter-attack strategies that are nothing short of unforgiving. It is difficult to find a better squad than Bayern Munich’s team that won the Bundesliga title in 2013 and 2014 – with their level of attack and chemistry being unmatched thus far. 

Bayern Munich has won 29 league titles, 19 DFB Cups, five UEFA Champions League crowns, and a variety of other domestic and continental trophies. All this has crowned Bayern Munich the most successful club in German soccer history. If you hate to see your team lose, this is definitely the team you want to support.

Borussia Dortmund 

The underdogs of German football that are not quite the underdogs – Dortmund has a reputation of being almost as powerful a force as Bayern Munich. Still, only miracles seem to stop the Bavarians. Their tactics are their strong suit. Their coaching and managing are by far the best despite their attacks, often falling short against Bayern’s forceful powerhouse.

Though Mario Gotze left last summer, Dortmund remains one of the best attacking sides in Germany, even if they don’t have the same offensive strength and consistency as Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich finished eight points ahead of Dortmund in 2011-12, as Borussia Dortmund won the Bundesliga title with a then-record haul of 81 points. With 25 wins, six draws, and three losses, Dortmund won their fifth and latest Bundesliga title before Bayern Munich dominated the sport for seven consecutive seasons.

Currently, these two teams stand tied on the Bundesliga table. It is a highly honorable and exciting journey supporting this team, and it can almost be compared to how Atletico Madrid supporters feel when they beat Barcelona.

A close tie 

Stuttgart and Schalke should not be counted out! They are close contenders, both having similar players and ensuring quite competitive games no matter the occasion. Both teams were contenders in the finals. However, Stuttgart got the better of Schalke despite the dedicated fight they put up as they lost the title to their rivals. 

They are both not entirely on par with the giants Dortmund and Bayern, but they are far from being teams you should count out. They may not make it to every final, but every game is a passionate war on the field for both these teams – making them amongst Germany’s best soccer teams ever! Both teams are home to some of Germany’s finest and most skillful players to date, and Schalke is known as the comeback king with the most draws in German soccer history.


Although they are admittedly not the team they once used to be, Hamburg is still one of the best teams to bless the German soccer scene. Their team now has a knack for picking up injuries and does not seem to have the same understanding of tactical soccer as they once did – back in 1981. During the 1981 season of the Bundesliga, Hamburger SV finished five points ahead of Bayern Munich, the defending champions. In addition, they accumulated the 4th most points across all competitions in which they have competed. Bear in mind that Hamburg also has a more profound history than any other team in the Bundesliga, making them a respected team no matter how they present themselves.

Best German Soccer Teams of All Time
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What makes German soccer good

Even though it may sound dull, Germany’s success is the result of hard work. In addition to playing, coaching is also a considerable part of the nation’s success and passion for football. Statistics show that there are more registered coaches in Germany than in any other country – except for Spain. 

Other than Brazil, there is not a more soccer-crazy country than Germany. They also like to focus on younger talent and don’t shy away from letting newer players shine at the highest levels from as young as 17 years old. They also have an ideology based on hard work and believe that sufficient resting is necessary. 

Did you know that taking a break from intensive training, traveling, and sprinting could benefit you? German athletes certainly do. As a result of the Bundesliga’s month-long hiatus over Christmas, players have a chance to recharge in the middle of the season, ensuring they possess the energy to face the summer’s major international tournaments. This is why you will see the stamina levels of the German teams being absolutely unmatched in competitions internationally, with their players rarely falling to injuries or fatigue. 

Final thoughts

From an incredibly young age, children are introduced to the support at roaring stadiums. Germany has one of the highest soccer game attendance rates in the world, which is what helps solidify the winner-mentality in their youth. This mentality carries over to their sporting teams and adds fuel to their competitive fire. German soccer seems to be less about physical attributes and more about actual talent and skill. Of course, tall players are favorable for certain positions, but they see the value in things other than height and physical characteristics not based on skill and let talent speak for itself.

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