Where Did Football Come From, and Why Did It Flourish?

Origin of football
Football is a popular sport with many fans around the world.

Maybe everyone knows football thrives and becomes popular in the world. Each year there are many major tournaments taking place that have attracted millions of viewers around the world. Now football is considered to have a great influence on the global sport. 

Both betting and football have British roots. And to this day, the UK is still where both of these two billion-dollar industries are most active. Many famous clubs, bookmakers, stadiums, television stations… famous all over the world come from England. Later, new football gradually spread to other European countries and also to other continents around the world. 

Despite being famous, very few people still care about the development of football and its origins. Below will be important information that you should learn to gain more knowledge. Below will be important information that you can learn to better understand the origin of football.

Origin of football
Football is a popular sport with many fans around the world.

What is football?

Soccer is a well-known sport, but it is also defined as a collective sport divided into two competing teams, each with 11 people on the field. A soccer match is played when there are 22 players, 1 ball and 2 goals at either end of the field and a rectangular ball field.

The goal of this game is to put the ball on the opponent’s goal. With the exception of the goalkeeper, the remaining players cannot play with their hands. The winner of the match is the team with more total goals in the match. During a soccer match, there will be a referee to catch a mistake, and there are many mistakes, and the referee will point and penalize the teams.

This sport not only has one or two benefits, but it gives people a lot of things from health training, improving solidarity to helping the country’s economy increasingly develop. 

History and development of football

According to FIFA, the oldest form of football probably comes from China and dates back to a very long time. In ancient Rome, there was also a sport similar to football called Harpastum.

By the mid-19th century, football with the same rules as it was popular in England today. In 1858, the first football club in the world was founded, Sheffield FC (also one of the oldest football clubs in the world). At that time, each team had different rules of the game that made it more difficult to run the game.

The establishment of the Football Federation is considered a turning point for forming a unified block in the rules of the football team.

After the first five meetings of the FA, the first full law of football comprising 13 laws was passed under the chairmanship of Ebenezer Cobb Morley. Currently, the agency that regulates and monitors the world football law is the International Football Commission (IFAB).

The first football tournament in the world, the FA Cup, was established in 1872. The first soccer match between two national teams in the world was England against Scotland in 1872.

In 1888, the Football League federation system was established by William McGregor. The first Football League consists of 12 clubs from the teams in the North and Central of England.

In 1904, FIFA was established in Paris, France with the first president was Robert Guerin. This is the largest football governing body in the world. As of 2016, there are 211 countries and territories that are members of FIFA, more than the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United Nations (UN).

Football is the most popular sport in the world, it has a great impact on the politics and society of many countries when it heals conflicting relationships. Typically, the Ivory Coast civil war was eliminated thanks to the call of former Chelsea star Didier Drogba.

Although it is a bridge to bring peace, football is also the origin of the Football War that happened in 1969 between neighboring countries El Salvador and Honduras. This short battle took the lives of a total of 3,000 people. It was not until then that football officially became a healthy sport supported by the whole world and attracted more and more fans.

One of the reasons why football is a king’s sport is about resistance. Each match will have the participation of 2 sides competing in a fighting style. In it, each player will play like a true warrior. To achieve good results, teams must develop a specific strategy and playing plan.

History of football
Football was formed for a long time and developed until now

Each player plays a certain role in the squad. If you are wondering what sport is known as king sport, try watching the most intense matches.

Besides, the diversified gameplay is also the reason that each match will leave its own mark. Watching football king sports, you will realize that no match is like any other. The freshness, appeal, and drama of every minute is the reason why football is the king sport in the world.

Thrill and surprise in every moment are what viewers can get. In other sports such as table tennis, handball, and bridge have very high scores, and the dramatic feeling will not be too great. However, with football, the king sport is not. Each goal has an enormous weight. With just one goal, the score is clearly decentralized.

In addition, when watching each match, the ball will also leave viewers with many different emotions, there will be smiles and tears after each goal. If you are a fan of a certain team, you will definitely understand the feeling of sublimation when your favorite club steps on the podium.

Another important factor is that football is also a sport that enhances fitness, strength training, and endurance very well. If you pay attention, every soccer player is very healthy, with a muscular and supple body. Football attracts a lot of fans, so it also contributes to the country’s economy growing more and more.

Football today is not simply a sport; there are tournaments it has topped, is a king sport that brings many benefits to each player, fans, and the country. And especially if you are a football fan and regularly watch football matches, you should also be interested in and know the origin and development of this sport. In addition, this article will also help you with more information to answer the questions of why football is called king sport.

As a sport that continues to grow strongly, we can care more about it. 




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