The role of wingbacks in a match in modern football has gone beyond defending alone. Wingbacks are now involved in an offensive role for their clubs and countries. Let’s find out who the top wingbacks in the world are, but before that what is the role of a wingback?

What is the role of a wingback?

A wingback is a fullback who is more attacking and acts more as a midfielder along with defensive duties, than as a defender. The wingback is usually allowed to move up and down in their flank. They can act as a winger when in the attack, and as a fullback when they are defending; hence, they are called wingback. Most fullbacks function in a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation.

Top 5 Wingbacks in Football 2019

This article of the top wingbacks in football is made of players who have played as a wingbacks, and are able to play as a wing back. The list is in no particular order.

1. Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro

The Brazilian full-back is a speedy, energetic and attack-minded full-back. Sandro is also a tenacious tackler and an excellent reader of the game, as he expertly uses  his speed and anticipation.

Throughout his career he has shown that he is capable of playing anywhere in the  the left flank; although mainly a full-back, he has also played as a wingback and as a wide midfielder.

2. Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson is not just one of the best left-backs in the world, he is also one of the top wingbacks in football. He is known for his passing, pace, energy and fantastic crossing abilities. Last season, Robertson provided over 10 assists in his role.

Andy Robertson is also good in defending, he makes crucial tackles, interceptions and blocks in defense.

3. Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba has been a first team player for Barcelona since he joined them. The Spanish left-back has formed a formidable and telepathic partnership with Lionel Messi. Jordi Alba is so attack-minded, that if you were watching him you’d think he was quite winger. He has scored 8 goals in 70 matches for the Spanish national team.

Alba is a technically gifted and fast attacking full-back, who can cause problems for the oppositions defense. Alba uses his blistering pace and stamina to participate in both attack and defense, as he can move from one area of the pitch to the other in seconds.

4. Dani Carvajal

Best Wingbacks in football

The Madrid man has played most of his football career as a right back for the Spanish national and Real Madrid. However, Dani Carvajal has all the makings of a great wingback. He is a tenacious defender who loves to makes tackles and track back. Carvajal is also very attack-minded, this La Liga 2019/20 season he has managed 4 assists in 9 matches at the time of this writing.


5. Joshua Kimmich

Top Wingbacks in football

Joshua Kimmich is undoubtedly one the best wingbacks in the world, his string of impressive performances for German and Bayern Munich can attest to that. Joshua has tremendous quality and is very good in playing both attacking and defensive roles. Kimmich has played as a centreback, right back, defensive midfielder and wing back in his career.

The 24-year-old proved that he was a vital asset to Bayern’s attacking game, as he provided up nine assists in the 2018/19 season.


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