The Importance Of Wearing Soccer Cleats 

Importance of Soccer Cleats

In North America, cleats are commonly called football shoes. The cleats have studs in the underside of the shoes. The first studs were made of metal hammered into the underside. Cleats are worn to give better traction on grassy fields, especially when it is wet and muddy. The black-colored shoes became the iconic color of football shoes. In some countries it is known as football boots.

Importance of Soccer Cleats

Evolution Of Cleats

The first to design cleats was King Henry VIII. In 1575 he instructed shoemaker Cornelius Johnson to make him the first cleats. It was ankle-high and made of tough and rigid leather. The normal football shoe players used to wear were their work boots with metal studs hammered into the bottom of the boots. Check out the full story here:

  1. Adidas – The Company was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924. Later on, his brother joined him, and it was named Dassler Brothers. The first factory started in the laundry room of their mother’s house in Germany.
  2. Puma – This Company started in 1948 when brothers Adolf and Rudolf’s relationship started to soar, eventually ending up by splitting. Adolf retained the original Adidas Company while Rudolf started Puma.
  3. Nike – The Company was founded on January 27, 1964. It was known as the Blue Ribbon Sports. It was started by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. In May 1971, it launched its first cleats known as Swoosh. It sold for $16.96.

Tips On How To Choose A Good Pair Of Football Shoes (Cleats)

1. Choose Your Favorite Material

There are 3 best choices. The kangaroo leather sometimes called k-leather, calfskin leather, and synthetic materials. Kangaroo leather or K-leather is considered as the best material since it is soft and flexible. It is very comfortable to wear and fits snugly into your feet. Calfskin leather is another favorite though a little bit less comfortable compared to the k-leather.

Some synthetic materials are now being tested to solve water uptake. During the rainy season, when the field is wet, football shoes become heavy due to the uptake of water. Some synthetic materials are like k-leather and calfskin in terms of lightness and comfort in wearing. 

2. Determine The Position You Are Playing In The Team

  • Striker and forward

If you are a striker or a forward, go for a lighter shoe. It should be light enough to give speed, mobility, and the ability to change direction in an instant.

  • Midfielder

When playing as a midfielder, go for a shoe that can give you comfort and balance.

  • Defender

Go for a shoe that can give you better protection and a clean pass of the ball.

3. Consider The Type Of The Playing Field

The most popular football shoes are those with studs made of a blade or conical studs molded into the plastic. If playing on a muddy field, it would be best to use football shoes with studs evenly spread out and made from metal. However, this type of football shoes will be dangerous to wear when playing in a hard court since it may result in injury. This is why there are rules that must be obeyed. You can read them here

On the other hand, there is also the type we call Astroturf. It is an artificial grass that is made from polyethylene and polypropylene. Artificial turf is not only non-toxic but also safer than grass. It is non-allergenic because it is pollen-free.

When playing on artificial turf, do not use normal football shoes. Instead, use turf soccer shoes. Turf shoes have harder outsoles, and they have raised, dense and aggressive threads They are shallower compared to the normal football shoes. Turf shoes are designed not to penetrate the ground but to hold on to the dense surface of the turf.

Top 5 Best Cleat (Football Shoes):

1. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI FG

This football shoes had its debut in 1998. FG means firm ground, and mercurial stands for quicksilver like movements. It was designed for speed, and quicksilver like movements were first used in the 2008 UFFA Championship league between Manchester and Chelsea. Based on the customer’s review, it is now considered the best product on the market.

It is made of a synthetic material called Nike Skin lighter and stronger than the Kangaroo Leather. It’s a high-quality shoe brand with more than a dozen colors to choose from. It is also lightweight and comfortable.

2. Adidas Women’s Goleto VI FG

A great choice for women that plays football. It is affordable and comfortable but has only one color scheme – an aqua white color scheme. It is designed for better traction and enhances safety when playing on firm ground. It is made of synthetic material.

3. Adidas Kid’s Ace 16.4 FXG J

A great football shoes for kids. It comes in different sizes – fits kids of different ages. It only comes in two colors. It is also made from synthetic material. Though it is of high quality, it comes with a low budget making it affordable to all ages for kids. Safety and comfort are also enhanced. You can check more information out in Official Top 5 Review.

4. Adidas Men’s Performance Copa Mundial

This is also made of Kangaroo leather, which is the lightest, most flexible, and durable leather for a football shoe. It was made in Scheinfield near Frankfurt, Germany. Since 2001 it has been the world’s best-selling football shoes.

5. Diadora Kid’s Cattura Jr.

This is an extremely affordable football shoes. It comes in many sizes according to age range. It also comes in 10 different color schemes. The upper part of the shoes is made from polyurethane, a very durable material.

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  2. If you are a football player like me you need Soccer cleats. They give you comfort and keep your toes safe while playing. I always choose the Nike brand. Thanks, Collins for this article.

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