Far away from the glitz and glamour of the football pitch are the important but not so publicized roles of administrative staff in a football club. These football administrators are the oil that keeps the machinery of a club running smoothly so the actual playing staff can focus on delivering success to the club without any off-field distractions.

An important administrative role at any football club is that of the club secretary. The club secretary is an employee of the club who carries out administrative duties, which enables the club and its members to function effectively.

Some other functions of a football club secretary include:


It’s very important for a club secretary to maintain different channels or avenues of communication so as to be able to reach his/her internal or external stakeholders. This includes keeping records of email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses of all club members, in case they need to be reached concerning various activities or programs of the club. The club secretary is also an important bridge between the club president/chairman and the football team passing and filtering information as required.

Sharon Barnhurst football club secretary
Sharon Barnhurst – Aston Villa’s Football Club Secretary

Record Keeping

Another key role of a club football secretary is record keeping. This involves keeping accurate minutes of the board meetings of the club, ensure accurate and update the registration of all players, coaches, etc. maintain physical records, and any other document required by a sports governing body. Plus ensuring all records regarding the day to day running of the club are regularly updated and maintained.

Maintain Football Rooster

It’s also the duty of the club secretary to maintain accurate records regarding the players in a club. This includes medical records, contact details, registration forms, birth certificates, or any such documentation or forms that might be required by a sport governing body. He or she should also maintain an accurate record listing player transfers in and out of the club to be updated from time to time as appropriate.


The club secretary is also involved in all matters regarding the preparation and implementation of the budget. He or she ensures the approved budget goes towards the items penciled down. He also assists with the purchase of playing equipment like jerseys, balls, shin guards, etc for the use of the football club. He also works hand in hand with the club treasurer in ensuring payments targeted towards other things like hospitality items for club board meetings. He is also involved in planning for training tours and pre-season matches so as to ensure the club is always in tip-top shape football-wise. He also works hand-in-hand with the club’s sporting director.

Some popular football club secretaries include, Ken Friar (Arsenal), Rebecca Britain (Manchester United), Enrique Sanchez Gonzalez (Real Madrid), and Danny Stanway (Liverpool).



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