Have Fulham Been a Statistical Outlier This Season?

Have Fulham Been a Statistical Outlier This Season?

Fulham are currently sitting in ninth place in the English Premier League, and if you had asked people before the start of the season, many would have said (apart from Fulham fans) that they wouldn’t be this far up the table deep into the second half of the season.

Take a closer look at just how well Fulham have fared since returning to the Premier League after earning automatic promotion from the Championship at the end of the 2021/22 season. 

They were one of the newly-promoted EPL teams for the 2022/23 season.

Where are Fulham in the EPL?

Fulham are currently in 9th place in the English Premier League with a respectable 39 points after 27 games played. So far, they have won 11 games, drawn 6 and lost 10. They have scored 38 goals and conceded 37, which gives them a +1 goal difference (GD). 

For those who have English premier league tickets to see Fulham this year play their team would’ve made for a uncomfortable pre-match feeling – will Fulham turn them over, like they’ve done to other teams?

Fulham were expected to be near the relegation zone, but they’ve quietly gone about their business as teams below (and above) have struggled to gain a foothold and exceed expectations.

Can Fulham finish in the top 10?

Finishing in the top four is well out of the question, but finishing in the top 10 at the end of the season is entirely possible.

The best thing to do to find out just how likely it is that Fulham will finish in the top 10 would be to compare the odds from some of today’s most trusted online sports betting sites. 

For example, if you were to place a bet right now on Fulham to finish the league in 1st to 10th place, you would be looking at average odds of around 1/2 in the UK fractional odds format. This means they have a 66.67% implied probability rate of actually doing it. 

In other words, if you put a $/€/£20.00 bet on, and they do finish in the top 10, you would receive a total of $/€/£30.00, which includes a $/€/£10.00 profit, and your initial $/€/£20.00 returned. 

Upcoming fixtures

There are eight games left to play for Fulham, so they will be looking to finish the season as well as they have started it and not slip any lower than ninth. Let’s take a quick look at their remaining fixtures:

  • Saturday, April 8th – Fulham V West Ham (15:00 GMT)
  • Saturday, April 15th – Everton V Fulham (15:00)
  • Saturday, April 22nd – Fulham V Leeds United (12:30)
  • Tuesday, April 25th – Aston Villa V Fulham (19:45)
  • Sunday, April 30th – Fulham Vs Manchester City (14:00)
  • Wednesday, May 3rd – Liverpool V Fulham (20:00)
  • Monday, May 8th – Fulham V Leicester City (15:00)
  • Saturday, May 13th – Southampton V Fulham (15:00)
  • Saturday, May 20th – Fulham V Crystal Palace (15:00)
  • Sunday, May 28th – Manchester United (16:30)

Don’t forget that there’s still time to purchase tickets to any of these matches before it’s too late by heading over to the official Seatpick website. 

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