Top 5 Famous Footballers That Went to Prison

Ronaldinho in Prison

Just like any other person who breaks the law, footballers are likely to go to jail too. Although, many of us believe that footballers go free after committing crimes, but it may interest you to know that they are not above the law in any way. Here we are going to consider 5 famous footballers that went to prison.

1. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho in Prison

The former Barcelona and Brazilian star as we all know was incarcerated for the alleged use of a fake Paraguayan passport for 32 days. He was being held in the country’s maximum-security Agrupacion Especializada prison. He claimed that the passport was given to him by a sponsor and had no idea it was fake. Despite his affluence, Ronaldinho found himself behind bars along with his brother.

2. Tony Adams

Footballers that went to prison
Tony Adams | Footballers that went to prison

The Arsenal defender has long been struggling with alcoholism. In May of 1990, this finally caught up with him, when he crashed into a wall near his house with his car. It was later uncovered that he was 27 times over the legal limit.

Adams was sentenced to four months in prison in December, although he was released early in the sentence in February.

During the mid 90’s Adams publicly admitted that he had a problem with alcoholism and sort help.

3. George Best

George Best

He has been recognised as one of the greatest players of Manchester United, Best’s career and life, was smeared by a crazy lifestyle off the pitch.

Best was a popular alcoholic, which often affected his footballing career. In 1984 Best’s life changed after he was convicted of drunk driving, assaulting a police officer, and failing to answer bail. All this led to him spending some time in jail. This crazy way of life led to his death in 2005. He died at the age of 59.

4. Joey Barton

Footballers that went to prison

It should not be surprising to know that a man like Joey Barton, who gets in trouble on the field would also do the same off the pitch. The footballer has been convicted twice for violent charges. The first incident was when he drove his car into a pedestrian at 2 a.m. in the Liverpool City Centre. Barton was convicted of assault and served 77 days in prison. He was released from prison on July 28, 2008.

However, while serving his sentence, on July 1, 2008, Barton received a four-month suspended sentence after admitting assault on his former Manchester City teammate Ousame Dobo. It seems that Barton is not the only one violent in his family as his half-brother, Michael was also given a life sentence for his involvement in the racial murder of Anthony Walker in 2005.

5. Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona prison

The legendary forward of Manchester united Cantona was sentenced to 14 days in prison for one of the most surprising incidents in Premier League history.
After being sent off in an away match at Crystal Palace, Cantona seemed to be pissed off by the comments from a fan and reacted by using his kung-fu skills on him. He was released on bail after spending three hours in prison.

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