8 Famous Football Players Who Wore The Number 21 Jersey 

Andrea Pirlo number 21 jersey

Many great players over the years have worn various jersey numbers. Their extraordinary performances while wearing these jerseys has made them synonymous with those digits. Today we will be looking at some famous players who wore the number 21.

1. Luis Enrique 

The Spanish national team manager once wore the number 21 jersey throughout his time with FC Barcelona (1996-2004) and partly with Spain (1993-2002). 

Enrique was predominately a midfielder who could sometimes operate in the forward role. 

He was blessed with good technique, stamina, and an eye for goal, which made him an invaluable asset for all the teams he played for during his playing career. 

Luis scored 73 goals in 207 league appearances for the Catalans, also winning domestic and continental trophies.

2. Diego Forlán

Undoubtedly one of the greatest Uruguayan footballers of all time, Diego Forlán made a name for his himself at both club and national levels.

During his early career with the Uruguay national team, Diego Forlán wore the number 21 jersey. When he was signed by Manchester United in 2022, he also wore the number 21 jersey from the 2001/02 season to the 2004/05 season.

3. David Silva

David Silva football players who who wore number 21

David Silva is one footballer who loved the number 21 jersey. The Spaniard wore number 21 during his time at Eibar, Valencia, Manchester City, and now at Real Sociedad.

Silva also donned the number 21 jersey for the Spanish national team. With Spain, he won the UEFA Euro 2008, 2010 FIFA World Cup, and UEFA Euro 2012, and is one of 13 Spanish players to have amassed 100 soccer caps.

4. Gary McAllister 

McAllister is a former Scottish international football player who wore the number 21 during his brief but very eventful spell with top English side Liverpool in 2000-2002. 

The former midfielder was renowned for his ball-playing skills and knack for scoring crucial goals. 

Gary scored 5 league goals in 55 appearances for the Reds. He was also part of the history-making side that won a unique treble of their own in the 2000-2001 campaign, winning the FA, League, and UEFA (now Europa) cup to cap a sensational season.

5. Phillip Lahm

Phillip Lahm soccer players who wore number 21

The highly decorated and renowned former German international was one of the best players of his generation. 

The former Bayern Munich fullback wore the number 21 jersey throughout his stay with the Bavarian giants from 2002-2017.

The World Cup winner was blessed not just with great pace but also wonderful technical ability. This enabled him to play a multitude of positions, from right and left fullback to sometimes midfield.

Lahm featured in 332 Bundesliga matches for Bayern, scoring 12 times. He also won loads of trophies at Munich, including domestic league and cups, not forgetting the UEFA Champions League as well.

6. Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo number 21 jersey

The great Italian midfield maestro featured for Serie A sides AC Milan (2001-2011) and Juventus (2011-2015), wearing the number 21. Even when he played for the Italian national team, he wore the number 21 jersey.

The former Italian international was admired for his great technical ability, which allowed him to dictate play from deep in the midfield.

His dead ball skills and excellent passing range were other aspects of his game that made him one of the best midfielders of his time. 

Pirlo featured in 284 league games for the Rossoneri, scoring just 28 times. He also won a couple of Scudetto titles and UEFA Champions League trophies during his time at the San Siro.

7. Nemanja Matić

Nemanja Matić achieved most of his playing success while playing at Chelsea. 

The Serbian wore the number 21 jersey at Benfica before he joined Chelsea. At Chelsea, he also wore the number 21 jersey throughout his time at the club.

He also sported number 21 on a number of occasions while playing for Serbia.

8. Zinedine Zidane

For some time, the great French midfield wizard also wore the number 21 when he was at Juventus between 1996 to 2001.

During his time with the Turin giants, Zidane featured in 151 league games. He also won 2 Scudetto titles while at Juventus. 

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