Football is an amazing sport played by both young and old, inexperienced and trained. And it is played for many reasons ranging from recreation to competition. One major aspect of playing football are the football boots. (This is known to those in the United States and Canada as soccer cleats). This article discusses some things to know before buying football boots.

The pair of football boots worn when playing football will have a significant impact on your performance. A good pair of football boots will not just give your feet the support it needs but also, the stability to easily move across the field of play.

Since you can’t manufacture a boot, you definitely have to purchase one. However, many football players have found it a challenge when it comes to buying football boots. There are a plethora of online stores and local shops selling football boots or soccer cleats. But no worries, you’ll learn how some basic things that will help you buy the right football boot.

Manifold factors are usually considered before buying the football boot, like the the pitch you play in, comfort, performance, support, shape of your feet and traction. Those are the basics, here are what you should know about buying your football boots.

Things To Know Before Buying Football Boots

Things to know before buying football boots

1. Is it Detachable or Molded?

There are two main types of football boots, the detachable and molded. Detachable boots provides versatility and is easily removed and can be replaced with studs of varying sizes. Additionally, it is possible to change the type of stud from plastic, rubber or metal to match the field you are playing on. For the players that intend to play on a variety of surfaces, the detachable boots are the most practical option. But, the fixed molded boots is the best option and often the most favored with young soccer players.

Things to know before buying football boots

2. How much do the boots cost?

It is very essential to find out the price of the soccer cleats you want to buy. And then, determine if it is in agreement with your budget.
Never go for an expensive boot, the price doesn’t always translate to the quality or durability. There are so many boots that you can get with you’d budget.

Things to know before buying football boots

3. Position You Play

As strange as it might sound, yes, you have to consider your playing position before buying football boots.
The position of play does affect the preferred type of boots. The boots for forward or wingers, should be lighter, made with soft leather and light studs. Midfield players are likely to be looking for boots that provides agility, speed, and good passing with the ball. Lastly, defenders look for the boots that are more effective at providing stability, support and substance.

Things to know before buying football boots
4. The Material

The most popular materials used on football boots are synthetic and leather. The most preferred choice is leather because it is light and flexible. However, synthetic is advantageous because for its high level of its durability. The truth is the type of pitch played on can influence the material whether leather or synthetic. However, the synthetic a reliable choice for players that regularly play on wet grass.

Things to know before buying football boots

5. Your feet size

Your feet size is definitely a factor that has to be considered, it will determine how well the boots fit and the level of comfort.
The fit and comfort should be decided on how big or small the size of the feet is. Don’t opt for the bigger size when you have a small feet. this isn’t always good decision. To prevent injuries, it is best to go for a football boot that fits your feet size.

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